Utah bill would mandate that no clergy would be required to perform marriage against their religious beliefs

A bill sponsored by Republican Lehi Rep. Jacob L. Anderegg has been proposed that “recognizes the fundamental right of religious liberty; and affirms that a member of the clergy is not required to solemnize a marriage that violates the member’s religious belief system.”

The bill states:

“A member of the clergy, as described in Subsection 30-1-6 (1)(a) or (b), is not required and may not be compelled to solemnize a marriage when doing so would violate the member’s, or the member’s religious organization’s, religious beliefs, tenets, doctrine, practices, or the member’s fundamental right to religious liberty.”

If two-thirds of the House and Senate vote in favor of the bill’s passage, it would become effective upon the governor’s signature.

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  1. Not that it is necessary, or anything.

    I'd like to point out that while the legislature wants to put anti-discrimination legislation on hold because they want all "gay-related" bills to wait for the court decision (though housing and employment discrimination are hardly related to same sex marriage), they're perfectly willing to push legislation that benefits one side of the argument.

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