Park City High School students raise money for marriage equality

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Braving freezing temperatures, members of the Park City High School Gay-Straight Alliance sold water and coffee for ten days to the Sundance Film Festival attendees. Their goal: raise money to support the activities of their alliance and make a donation to Restore Our Humanity, the organization behind the same-sex marriage case in Utah.

Standing in the cold, the students used clever rhymes and sales pitches to ply their goods to festival goers. After 10 days of work, the alliance was able to make a donation of $1,000 to Restore Our Humanity. On the check’s memo line they noted that the donation was for “our future.”

On Tuesday three members of Restore Our Humanity, director Mark Lawrence, communications director Matt Spencer, and plaintiff Derek Kitchen visited the GSA. Lawrence commended the students for their efforts, noting “this is the sort of grass roots support it’s going to take to help with this case.”

Kitchen added, “there was no such support (as a GSA) growing up. It’s so inspiring seeing you all committing to your futures like this.”

The team answered questions about the status of the case and encouraged them to continue in their efforts to be the change they wish to see in the world. Spencer added, in comments to QSaltLake, “It really was inspiring to meet these kids. I’m touched beyond words for their support.”

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