Utah same-sex married couples still battling Turbo Tax problems

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A fix was due today to solve a problem Utah’s same-sex married couples are having with Turbo Tax, Intuit’s widely popular tax software. Couples who mark that they are a same-sex married couple find that they cannot file taxes through the program to the state of Utah.

The Utah Tax Commission announced over three weeks ago that couples married in the state between Dec. 20 and Dec. 31, after Judge Robert Shelby’s ruling that allowed same-sex marriages in the state, as well as any couples married in other states before the end of the year, may file jointly — a reversal of an earlier ruling.

Turbo Tax officials announced that an update, scheduled for Feb. 8, would solve the problem, but the fix did not make the update.

Intuit released a new statement, offering couples a work-around solution:

“Our current release did not include a fix for this issue. We hope to have the issue resolved soon. The same sex marriage question in our interview is for the TurboTax program only to stop same sex couples from filing a joint return for states that do not recognize their marriage.  You are by law married, so checking married filing a joint return will get you past this issue. We will fix the error, but you can file your return without an issue.


  • Go into Personal and Edit the primary tax payer (first person listed).
  • Continue through the interview until you see “Were you married”
  • Select married and  you can continue your return.

Thank for your patience while we resolve this issue.”


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  1. Tried the workaround and it didn't work. Still blocked me and said I had to fix it or print it and mail it in. Now I'm trying to get customer service to help out. And I already paid.

  2. I did Utah tax separate and as married….The narrow minded Utah government gave me an extra $130 for filing single.

  3. Jason L McIsaac But you have to file the same for state as fed don't you? What did that do to your federal return?

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