SAGE Utah and Utah Pride Center sign agreement, SAGE to resume activities

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The Utah Pride Center has announced that SAGE Utah, a very popular program serving Utah’s elder LGBT community, is reemerging since suspending activities last fall.

A “memorandum of understanding” was reached between the SAGE Advisory Board and the Utah Pride Center board, allowing the group to move forward.

When the SAGE director position was eliminated last fall, the program leaders demonstrated powerful advocacy to ensure that their program activities continued with the community leadership that had been fostered. Charles Lynn Frost, the much loved director of SAGE Utah led the program over the last two years to become one of the most successful programs at Utah Pride.

Frost, Jerry Buie and Michael Sanders formed a committee to work with designated Center board members on the process of bringing SAGE and the Center together. Many meetings ensued over the last several months, and the memo of understanding was approved unanimously by the Sage Advisory Board and signed by Steven Ha, the new executive director of UPC.

“Supporting community-based organizations that creatively and effectively meet the needs of the LGBTQ community is embodied by our SAGE program and these great leaders,” Ha said after signing the agreement.

The memo includes a small budget provided by the Center, independently-managed financials and a separate bank account. SAGE will develop programs, special events and community services for the elder LGBT community without a complicated approval process.

SAGE Utah will now begin to resurrect its monthly email community newsletter, as well as the popular quarterly potluck socials.

The first potluck social will be held May 10 in downtown Salt Lake City at the Culinary Crafts Tasting Room. The event will be a simple cocktail party serving hors d’oeuvres. SAGE hopes a simpler party format will make the events easier for attendees to prepare pot luck dishes, which will increase both attendance and the fun.

SAGE has also scheduled its annual Summer BBQ for August 16, at Fairmont Park.

The SAGE Utah advisory board members have elected Ingrid Davis and Michael Sanders as co-chairs, Brent Marrott as secretary/treasurer and the rest of the advisory board including: David S. Andreason, Julie Anderson, Jerry Buie, Ingrid Davis, Charles Lynn Frost, Peggy Kjelstrom, Daniel Musto and Mary Olsen.

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