May Qscopes

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By Sam Kelley-Mills

ARIES: Get the ball rolling on a long overdue project. An aggressive activity will leave you breathless and energized. If a boss or older relative is giving you headaches, treat them with much needed kindness. A sweet deal will present itself in the form of an opportunity.

TAURUS: Just because a pool is filled with water doesn’t mean it’s deep enough to dive in. People in life are much the same, Taurus. Keep clear of superficial people and spend time with friends and family with stimulating thoughts. This will leave to long-term relaxation.

GEMIINI: A skip and a hop over the hill of despair will lead to a valley of laughter. You can’t understand happiness without sorrow. Spend time with people who need your support to gain some needed perspective. Be the beacon of hope and find immeasurable rewards by asserting yourself.

CANCER: A chance encounter with a long lost friend is the first step in reviving good times. Learn from the past to find inspiration for creative works. The inclination to gamble may exist but your poker face won’t be too convincing. Finance matters require you to aim before shooting.

LEO: Deep seeds of distrust begin sprouting during this time. You’re always a little cautious, Leo, so choose wisely in battles concerning business and love. The inclination is to run from complicated issues. Take a moment to re-examine beliefs, if only to affirm much-deserved doubts.

VIRGO: There are barriers between what you imagine and what can be obtained. If something seems too good to be true, it’s because you’re unhappy with what you already have. Find creative ways to get what is desired. If you can find pleasure in the process, you’ll find much satisfaction.

LIBRA: The harder you try understanding something, the less likely you are to see what it is. A boss or relative has some experiences to share, so put yourself in their shoes. Congratulations are in order for a good friend or partner. It’s okay to be jealous of their gains. Relax! Your turn is coming.

SCORPIO: A frank talk with a lover will leave you wondering where priorities lie. Keep your pants on and be patient with a difficult person. Fears emerge in financial matters, so keep friends close and charm your enemies. A bigger network increases success on many levels, so expand.

SAGITTARIUS: The odds are in your favor this month. Let go of doubts and plunge into an unexplored territory regarding a personal matter. See the whole picture by stepping back and set your aim on what sparkles brightest. An amazing treasure will be found in a potential career change.

CAPRICORN: A rough time could leave you exhausted. Keep your mind healthy and happy. Insert your authority in deep matters of career. A bulging budget is possible.  Spend freely but don’t blow it all in one place. A phone conversation with an old relative is long overdue, so dial up.

AQUARIUS: Falls are inevitable if you wear the wrong pants. Find something more your style and embrace the familiar for now. A group of friends from the past will re-emerge with an interesting proposition. A pet or child needs your attention for a while, so make some quality time.

PISCES: When reality let’s you down, indulge in a little fantasy. Whether with a friend or solo, let your hair down this month. Family and loved ones will keep you anchored. Don’t be afraid to explore the boundaries of imagination. Work needs to be a focus, so keep tasks on track and current.

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