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2014 FABBY Awards – Our Picks

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Our Picks

We don’t have a lot of perks to offer our writers and staff, so each year we give them five of their own FABBY picks to give shout-outs to their favorite places in the valley:

Christopher Katis’ Picks

Best Hair Stylist

Robert Moody Hero Hair Studio What could get me to go to Draper? The best damn stylist in Utah! Robert’s amazing. My hair always looks fabulous. He’s my hair hero!

Best Early Education

Saint Sophia School My kids went to this amazing school. Offering 3- and 4-year old pre-K classes and all day kindergarten, it’s the best educational choice you’ll ever make.

Best Thai Restaurant

Highnote This is our favorite dads’ night out restaurant. Terrific food, reasonable prices, delightful staff make for a great meal.

Best Florist

The Art Floral A Fabby winner in its own right, this local family-owned shop has been creating beautiful arrangements for over 60 years. Plus, they’re Greek!

Financial Planners

Jimmie Miller & Trent Christensen Jimmie and Trenton at Ameriprise Financial Services are excellent at handling same-gender finances. They understand our community and the extra steps that are needed to manage our assets.

Best Performing Arts Center

Kingsbury Hall These guys offer something for everyone — from family-friendly performances to lectures and Grammy winning musicians. Grab dinner someplace close and make a night of it!

Ben Williams’ Picks

Pet Groomer

Back Porch Mobile Grooming Stephen Bollinder’s pet grooming business comes to you. Excellent service, he loves your critters and your babies don’t need to be crated.

Best Tea

The Queen’s Tea A mixture of health and spirituality; their tea blends are some of the most flavorful authentic tea brews in the state.

Best Shakes

Iceberg Drive-In An iconic Utah institution located at 3906 S 9th East. Best shakes and onion rings in the valley. I love the fresh raspberry shakes.

Best Produce

Murray Park Farmers Market While starting a little later than downtown markets, the produce is abundant, organic, and less expensive.

Best Late Night

Village Inn Don’t roll your eyes…the retro decor of the Village Inn on 910 East and 4th South compliments the down home fare. One of the few places in Salt Lake where you can still get a reuben and banana cream pie at 3 a.m.

Charles Frost’s Picks

Best Barber

Jed’s Barber Shop Going to Jed’s you feel fabulous, cool and au courant — regardless of who & what you are. Quality, friendly, atmosphere, & a $ deal!

Best Fashion

SPARK/Cockers Fashion fabulosity. Dale LeBaron & CREW maintain a Queer and Straight SLC crown jewel. Idiomatic, singular, sassy, store. nastypig.com outlet!

Best Hangout

The Garage Grounded, great, groovy, GOOD! Best patio in SLC, stellar staff, customized menu, Beers! Friends, Food, FAB & 4 Fun!

Best Restaurant

Bambara(+Jake the Most Fabulous Server in SLC) Request, no demand, Jake as your server! Nathan Powers — Executive Chef=inspired menu & food. They’ll customize any fabulous occasion.

Best News Director

Terry Gildea, KUER Fabulous News Director, issues, interviews, un-sung job! After all he has to compete with Fabrizio, and who the hell can do THAT? Who?

Bob Henline’s Picks

Most Fabulous People Salt Lake is full of fabulous people who dedicate their lives to make our lives better: My first Fabby(ies) go to the Kitchen v. Herbert team. The six plaintiffs — Derek Kitchen, Moudi Sbeity, Kate Archer, Karen Call, Laurie Wood, and Kody Partridge — have turned their worlds upside down to help bring equality to Utah. The legal team of Jennifer Fraser Parrish, Jim Magleby and Peggy Tomsic have devoted thousands (if not tens of thousands) of hours of work to this case. And we can’t forget the good people at Restore Our Humanity — Mark Lawrence, Clyde Peck, Matt Spencer and the rest of that volunteer board — who have had the vision and determination to keep it all moving forward. My second award goes to my dear friend Becky Moss. Becky has been a part of the Salt Lake activist scene for decades, always working diligently and compassionately for civil rights for all. Whether it’s working with the Girl Scouts, the Utah Stonewall Democrats, or just lending her time and money to other people’s causes you can always count on Becky to be right in the middle of it. She’s an inspiration to me and to many others. Fabby number three goes out to Dan Ellis of the Atheists of Utah which has embodied the atheists’ concept of “good without god.” He has involved himself and AoU in a remarkable number of service projects that range from highway cleanups to homeless youth outreach. He is always active and supportive of the LGBT community. Fabby the fourth goes out to my dear friend Connie Anast-Inman, executive director of the Transgender Education Advocates of Utah. Under her direction TEA has participated in a number of educational seminars that serve to put a more human face on Utah’s transgender community and raise awareness of the problems trans* people face in our society. My final Fabby goes to Amy Barry, who has been a passionate and dedicated member of the Sugar House community for years, serves on the community council, runs the Farmers’ Market, and helped create the Sugarmont Plaza project. She’s on the board of the Utah Stonewall Democrats and has spent an immense amount of time helping plan and manage local charity events.  Q

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