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2014 FABBY Awards

Our 10th annual FABBY Awards in our 10th Anniversary edition. Each year, we ask you, our readers, to vote for your favorite places to shop, eat, drink and otherwise spend your hard-earned cash. This year, we received more ballots than any other.

Our annual awards show is combined with our 10th Anniversary celebration, to be held Tuesday, April 29 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at Mountain Land Design, 2345 South Main Street in Salt Lake City. Tickets are available for $10 at qtix.us or at the door for $15.

Without further ado, here are the winners for this year:


Cheapest eats

Cafe 540

With the highest-priced entree being only $15, Cafe 540 enters the scene in a strong way. In what is now the Metro Bar, the decor is only slightly altered from the wildly popular (when it opened) Orbit Cafe. Featuring American cuisine, they are open for lunch and dinner and, as a bar, one must be 21 years of age or older to get in. No “children or no children” section here. Free parking is a huge plus for a downtown restaurant, not to mention they are 15 steps from the Old Greek Trax stop. Facebook.com/cafe540slc, Weds–Sat 6-10pm Runners-up: Left Fork Grill, Oh Mai, Cafe Rio

Late-night eats


Our readers soak up their alcohol after the bars at Beto’s. Cheap food, full of grease and spices. The perfect sponge. Their burritos are mammoth, but you don’t have to worry about Miss Piggy’s rule of never eating anything larger than your head. Though, it’s a close call. Runners-up: Off Trax, Pie Hole

Early morning eats

Eggs in the City

The winner by a beak in this category is Eggs in the City. Part of why I love the FABBY Awards is that I see fantastic business owners rewarded for who they are. Heather Santi and staff are just some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and I believe they are a large part of the reason our community loves this place. From the incredible French toast to the huevos rancheros (try the green sauce) to the Greek skillet. Oh wait – my fave is the eggs benedict. Runners-up: Blue Plate Diner, The Other Place


Sage’s Cafe

It is a risk to move your restaurant, as a large part of why people eat at a restaurant is the location and ambiance. Sage’s move to the old Jade Cafe on 9th South is a hit for their clientele. With more space and easy parking, the place has had a good crowd any time I’ve been there. The staff knows their veggies. While sitting at the bar, I got to see first-hand when a diner ordered something they hoped was gluten-free and the kitchen caught that the protein they ordered was not. The flavors are over-the-top and they have a full beer and wine menu, so mimosas at brunch are no problem! Runners-up: Zest Kitchen and Bar, Oasis Cafe

Contemporary Fare

Cafe Trio

In the 9th & 9th area, Cafe Trio is a great neighborhood restaurant with contemporary ambiance and friendly bustle. Now that summer is nigh, the flower-encircled patio is one of the best places for brunch in town. Small plates, pizzas, pastas and a good assortment of entrees served by some of the hottest wait staff in the valley make Trio a favorite of our readers. Runners-up: Bistro 222, Copper Onion

Best in Park City

Squatters Road House Grill

Healthy ingredients (some grown right at the restaurant) environmentally friendly products and long-term relationships with local farmers and growers make Squatters different than a lot of the other larger restaurants in the area. From its menus that help you match the perfect brew to the food, to the two-buck marys and mimosas on weekends, you can’t go wrong at Squatters. Runners-up: No Name Saloon, High West Distillery

Best in Ogden

Roosters For 20 years, Roosters — housed in a 119-year-old building that has been everything from a Chinese laundry to a house of ill repute — has been an Ogden institution. On historic 25th Street, you will meet all kinds of people at Roosters, from mud-soaked bikers (probably owners Pete and Kym Buttschardt) to formal-clad business owners, dining on a pepper jack flat iron steak that will make you cry on Kym’s capellini, all served with high-octane beers brewed on the premises. Runners-up: El Matador, Jeremiah’s

Best Asian

La Cai

This was a close category with many places evenly spread in votes. La Cai came out on top. Though the name sounds like a certain French-inspired restaurant near the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, this place is all about the noodles, served with butterflied shrimp, Saigon crispy wings, crab rangoon and more. Runners-up: Kyoto, Sapa

Best Thai

Thai Siam and Sawadee

Best Thai is a tie! Haha. Thai Siam and Sawadee tied for top honors in best Thai restaurant. Very different from each other, Thai Siam is best known for affordable lunches on State Street, while Sawadee is an Avenues favorite. Go for the drunken noodles at Sawadee. Runners-up: Chanon Thai, Thai Lotus

South of the Border

Red Iguana

We won’t even put runners-up in this category because it was such a wipe-out. Since 1985, Red Iguana has been a Salt Lake staple, so much so they had to open a new location only 2 blocks away since the line runs down the street. Both are thriving. They have been recognized nationwide for their moles and other authentic Mexican fare.

Best Mediterranean


With locations in the 9th & 9th and 15th & 15th neighborhood, Mazza is no stranger to the FABBY Awards and other laudations. Our favorites: Maghmoor (eggplant, garbanzo beans and onions baked in an olive oil, tomato and garlic sauce) and the Chicken & Cauliflower Kabseh with fired raisins and pine nuts. Runners-up: Cafe Med, The Other Place

Best Sushi


Right downtown in a gorgeous building, Takashi pushes the envelope of contemporary Japanese cuisine, presenting unrivaled sushi, sashimi and hot dishes alongside Salt Lake’s most extensive selection of sake. Runners-up: Tsunami, Sapa

Best Steak House

Ruby River

A first FABBY Award for this Utah-based chain of restaurants, Ruby River is known for their full-pound prime rib and New York steaks at affordable prices. Starting off with sourdough bread and raspberry spread and finishing with real bacon in their baked potato, people never leave unsatisfied.

Best Coffeehouse

Coffee Garden

For as many years as there have been FABBY Awards, Coffee Garden has taken the top prize. The original 9th & 9th location is always hopping and the Main Street location is a great place to get great local coffee. Runners-up: Sugar House Coffee, Beans & Brew

Best Wine & Beer Selection

The Bayou

The Bayou has, hands down, is the largest and best beer selection outside any liquor store in Salt Lake. Actually, probably including the state liquor stores. Awarded by local and national media, including GQ and Esquire magazines, you need to get back down there to try the Potato Chips w/Chive Oil & Blue Cheese. Oh. My. God.
Runners-up: Beerhive, Roosters


Best Burger

Lucky 13

So, 18 months ago, Lucky 13 won the “Best Burger in the World” prize at the first “World Food Championships.” But they probably never thought they’d win a FABBY. Though, the $10,000 check was something we can’t top.
Runners-up: Crown Burger, Tony Burger

Best Sandwich

Moochies Meatballs

Home to the best Philly cheese steak sandwich west of … well … Philadelphia, Moochies Meatballs brings the city of brotherly love to the sisterwives state. Don’t miss the housemade Jumpin’ Jalapeño sauce. Runners-up: Feldmans and Toasters

Best Pizza

Pie Pizzeria
In all the years of the FABBY Awards, the Pie Pizzeria comes out way on top. Just know, however, that the South Jordan Pie won’t let us distribute there. Just sayin’. Maybe put a bug in someone’s ear? RUNNERS-UP: ESTE Pizza, Pie Hole

Best Pastries

While Gourmandise started out as a pastry-only place, it’s definitely no longer that. Always packed, they now also offer breakfast (paninis, french toast and quiche), lunch (sandwiches and salads) and a small plates dinner. RUNNERS-UP: City Cakes, Le Madeline’s

Best Seafood

Market Street Grill
Hands-down, there is no competition here. Flying the freshest fish from around the world, you can’t beat Market Street. A New York friend marvels that he has to “fly to the middle of the desert to get a great clam chowder.”

Best Sushi

Travelers from across the country say that Takashi bests any sushi place in their city.

Best Brunch

Market Street Grill

A gay brunch tradition for as long as I’ve been around — and that’s a long time — Market Street has the best food for the best value. Runners-Up: Little America, Cafe 540


Best Gay Bar

Club Jam

While new ownership changes have taken place here, our readers still rank this place at the top. Ambiance, crowd and barstaff tend to bring the regulars back. Not to mention Ms. Megan. Runner-up: Club Try-Angles

Best Gay-Friendly Straight Bar


Wildly-popular Bar-X, and its new sister Beer Bar, are also popular with Salt Lake’s LGBT community for providing a welcoming environment in the heart of downtown. Best place to be for the Utah Pride Parade. Runner-up: Green Pig, Tavernacle

Best Karaoke


This is always a tight race and this year was a one-vote difference. The gays love to sing and be heard. Runner-up: JAM, Club Try-Angles

Best Afternoon Crowd

Club Try-Angles

You know when you’ve had a rough day and you just need to run to a bar and unwind? Our readers have voted that Club Try-Angles is the place to go. Runner-up: Sun-Trapp, Republican

Best Micro Brewery


This is also a hotly contested category, but Squatters once again comes out on top. RunnerS-up: EPIC and Red Rock

Best Friday Night

Club Try-Angles

Best Saturday Night


Best Sunday Night


There. Your weekend is planned out for you.

Cheapest Drinks

Club Try-Angles

We’ve often wondered about doing an inventory of drink prices, but I doubt we’d come up with a different winner.

Best Monthly Bar Event

Underwear Night at Club Try-Angles

When you’ve got a winning event, keep doing it until they stop coming, is what I say.


Best Local Theater Company

Plan-B Theatre Company

Not that we counted, but 74 of 99 productions by Plan-B Theater were world premieres, every thing from “Downwinder” cancer survival to a man dealing with being a Mormon and gay. Plays produced first in Salt Lake City have gone on national tour, run on Broadway, been published in anthologies and won many awards. To think, it all started as a troupe of writers and actors touring local elementary schools putting on plays — how Fabby!
Runner Up: Salt Lake Acting Company

Best Art Gallery or Museum

The Leonardo

The best “re-purposing” of an iconic building, the old Salt Lake City Main Library building on 200 East and 500 South is now the fabulous Leonardo, a contemporary museum exploring unexpected ways that science, technology, art, and creativity connect.
Runner Up: UMFA, UMOCA

Best Local Visual Artist

Grant Fuhst

You seen his work in theater play bills, cd covers, posters, in local art galleries and if you’ve been to San Fran, Park City, Los Angeles you’ve seen him. The mixed-media painter, painting since a pup, says his early influences were old sci-fi and monster movies, dinosaurs, comics.
Runner Up: Darin Jones

Best Local Play

Saturday’s Voyeur

The most fabulous summer party in Utah is SATURDAY’S VOYEUR by Allen Nevins & Nancy Borgenicht, at the Salt Lake Acting Company. Going on its 37th year, Voyeur is a voice for liberals in Utah. This funny, raucous, truly unique, musical satire written “for us and about us” gives Utahns a place to laugh and love living here.
Runner Up: Erica

Best Local Dance Company

Ririe Woodbury Dance Company

In 1966 Virginia Tanner had a fabulous vision – create a dance company for cutting edge American Modern Dance. It would venerate the masters and take it to the people, hence, RDT. The Salt Lake Community, U OF U and the Rockefeller Foundation made that vision possible. RDT has performed in SLC and toured in United States, Canada, and Europe. RDT has performed in Bicknell, Utah and Vienna, Austria, in schools and opera houses, from gymnasiums to the Kennedy Center. The talented company of nine dancers (HQ at the Rose Wagoner) performs work of the legendary Isadora Duncan and Doris Humphrey, the revolutionary Merce Cunningham and Michio Ito and dance original choreography.

Best Local Musician/Band

Lady Murasaki

Lady Murasaki, which means “lady purple” in Japanese, has a great thing going for them: They have the real-life version of Cassandra from Wayne’s World. “Actually, I get that a lot,” says frontwoman Amber Taniuchi. Of course, they have many other things going for them, namely talented musicians who care about the quality of their music as much as they want people to enjoy it. But Taniuchi truly is a babe who can sing, play keyboard and guitar. She’s the catalyst behind this fusion of smooth jazz-rock called Lady Murasaki. (Originally written for SLUG Magazine by Justin Gallegos.) Runner Up: Royal Bliss, Sister Wives


Best Local Shop for Budget Fashion

Uptown Cheapskate

Three fabulous locations in Utah— Bountiful, Murray and Downtown SLC. This gently used clothing store combines the owners’ years of experience in the fashion and beauty biz and an eye for quality. Customers will find brand name and designer clothing and accessories at up to 70 percent less than retail. Uptown Cheapskate focuses on buying current styles of apparel, shoes and accessories that appeal to a wide range of teens and young adults. In addition to carrying hundreds of recycled items, the new Uptown Cheapskate store also offers many new products including jewelry and assorted apparel items.
Runners up: Unhinged and q Clothing

Best Local Shop for High-End Fashion


The exquisite proprietor of qClothing, Amy, has put together a collection of “High End” appearing women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories, but has priced every thing under the high end ticket. “Nothing in the store over $100” says Amy. What a nice place with an airy and clean décor when you are looking for business costume, clubbing attire, stylish brunch looks, great purses, jewelry and scarves. In the heart of up-and-coming Broadway Shopping district, q Clothing is a Fabby experience.
Runners up: Fresh and Bastille

Best Local Shop for Shoes


Started as a shoe wholesaler and now has a Fabby retail store in the 9th and 9th area. The store, a striking and understated natural color show room, offers boots that combine local design and American craftsmanship (boots made by cobblers from the Eastern United States), prices range from $129 to $495. Another product line—very low-profile, purple soled dress/walking shoes–starting at $49 are U.S. designed and cobbled over seas.
Runners up: Far and away the winner, no real runners up

Best Local Shop for Drag Attire


All right girls, and you know who I mean, when it’s time to dazzle the crowd or do the Jackie O for high tea, you will do well to start at Decades. A big store, lots of selection, and fine buying taste in vintage (I mean Joan Crawford would love it) clothing. This store is not for the faint of heart, it’s packed, stacked and guarded by a cat with attitude. I mean a real pussy cat. There is also attitude galore from a knowledgeable staff, but who throws more attitude than a Queen on a shopping spree, so it won’t bother you. Gowns, gloves, shoes, coats—it’s all there on State Street in Salt Lake City.
Runner up: Pibbs Exchange

Best Local Book Store

King’s English

Tucked away in the charming 15th and 15th Shopping district is a fabby little store on the corner which must have inspired Nora Ephron. A warren of shelves and rooms stacked with new books and displayed by people who love books. This is the place for the romance novels, philosophical tracts, histories, cook books and any almost other topic in the card catalog. You get to talk to very nice people who are also very smart about books and they don’t mind browsers. It’s locally owned, just one location, park your car a block a way and walk through a beautiful neighborhood or park in their lot. Either way it a fab way to spend a couple of hours.
Runner up: Weller Books

Best Consignment Store for Furniture and Home Décor

Now & Again

Now & Again offers a great selection of pre-owned 1950-1970‘s atomic, retro, modern, mod and mid-century modern furniture, Danish furniture, art and accessories. Take in your antiques and contemporary home decor items and modern furniture, see if it will sell. The Fabulous Michael and company love vintage bar items, cocktail sets, bar carts…. anything retro cocktail style! Now and Again offers complete estate sale and liquidation services through a collaboration with B-TEAM! Estate Service.
Runner up: Home Again

Best Underwear Selection


Nothing feels better than some sexy, fabulous underwear. Even if no one sees it, you feel great just having it on. At Trolley Square, at the east main entrance is the place to get your “subconsciously self confidence” inspiring briefs. It’s called Sparks. It’s not just a place for underwear, but it may be the best place with two dozen or so high fashion, sexy underwear labels (brands like: Andrew Christian , N2N, Cell Block, Nasty Pig, Papi, Diesel). There are also hard to find, cutting edge and up-and-coming designers men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories. Sparks carry only a few pieces of each style so you don’t see yourself all over town.

Best Local Shop for Jewelry

Charley Hafen Jewelers

On 1100 east there’s a tidy, remodeled two story, former grocery store. Inside is one of the Intermountain West’s real jewelry artistes, Charley Hafen. He has ready made, artisan jewelry on hand, set amongst an art gallery featuring local artists. Charley’s magic is his design and consultation. Working with Charley is fabulous experience—you end up with a beautiful, one of a kind piece of jewelry art and have the pleasure of working with an artist and a gentleman, Charley Hafen. One of a kind blew the competition away

Best Antique Store

Now & Again

Just recently re-located to the 200 block of the Broadway shopping district the fabulous Now and Again was Voted best of Utah 2014 for antiques an collectibles. Now and Again is downtown Salt Lake City’s hippest consignment shop featuring Retro, Vintage, Antique and Mid Century Modern furniture, home furnishings, decor, art and accessories. Buy, sell and consign. Check out the Maeberry Vintage Clothing Boutique at Now & Again featuring fine vintage clothes for men and women from the 1940’s 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s.
Runner up: Anthony’s

Best Flower Shop


The Art Floral

Something Fabby and creative is always going on at The Art Floral. Big wedding affairs and small seductions are every day occurrences. The Art Floral at 300 South and 600 East has been serving the Salt Lake community for 63 years, same family owned and operated since 1951. As a full service florist, offering every aspect of floral needs from consultation, design, and delivery to the break down of services.
Runner up: Especially For You

Best Gift Shop


Some times a customer says it best, from a YELP review: “This is the place for eccentric gift-givers who like to really push the boundaries. While they certainly have a kitschy appeal, they really have a little bit of everything. You could sit in their large card section and laugh for hours (I’m sure they’d love that), pick up some bacon flavored lollipops (there is a God), or head back to the “adult section” if you’re looking for something a little more X-rated. In addition to all the blasphemy, they actually have some nicer things – cool decorative stuff, fancy wine bottle toppers, bath & body things that are normal and not bacon scented…you know, “normal” things if you’re into that.”
Runner up: Cabin Fever

Best Adult Toy Store


Really, now, what’s an “adult toy”? Does it have to be sexy, sexual, stimulative, pleasure giving, a little naughty, funny, a bit rude, maybe crude, flexible, flesh colored, soft, hard, furry, shaved? Well yes. Cahoots has them and they aren’t ashamed to show ‘em, sell ‘em, promote ‘em. They’ll consult with you, advise you and laugh with you as you buy just the right toy for just the right circumstance. Shop alone, come as a couple or a group-Cahoots will have just the toy you need to tickle your adult fancy. It’s the perfect store for the 9th and 9th community. Friendly, fun and right next door to a fine coffee shop.
Runner up: Mischievous


Best Gym

24-Hour Fitness

When asked about church attendance, most of us say we are regulars. Of course we mean going to the gym. 24 Hour Fitness brought a Pacific Coast gym atmosphere to Utah almost 15 years ago opening in Sugarhouse. Now we can sweat it out at 7 full service fitness clubs from Provo to Trolley Square.
Runners up: The Gym, Planet Fitness

Best Pet Groomer


Dogs R Us

Whether it’s daycare, grooming, boarding or training, Dogs R Us is a fun place for dogs. The canines can play In a big play area outside and lounge in a climate controlled indoor play area.. The team at Dogs R Us will give your dog the best possible care for whatever service you choose

Best Piercing Studio

Koi Piercing Studio

In an artsy looking corner building on 11th East and 9th South is the home Fabby Koi Piercing. Huge selection of bangles and bobbles to decorate every body part. A very hip and friendly staff do their thing in a very nice, clean, safe environment.

Best Real Estate Agent

Mary Olsen
Mary means it when she says, “My success is measured by your satisfaction.” She works hard for the money and the community — board member of both SAGE and Utah Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Did we mention she’s the associate broker at Influence Real Estate?
Runners-Up: Kelly Favero, Babs De Lay

Best Counseling

Pride Counseling
Jerry Buie has been providing counseling services to LGBT community for over a decade. “Gay clients should not have to educate their therapist about their mindset or validate their lifestyle,” he says on his web site. This is probably one of the reasons he’s won a FABBY in this category for as long as there have been FABBY Awards.
Runners-Up: Don Austin, Utah Pride Center

Best Chiropractor

The Joint
In just a few short years, the Joint has become a major part of the community — and not just LGBTQ. Sugar House is a better place because of owner James Adelman’s leadership in the Sugarhouse business and cultural community. It’s a formula which works, The Joint has been at the top if not the top location in the nationwide franchise.

Best Massage

Joni Weiss
Joni is a leader in our community and helps rub your cares awayeither in her Murray/Holladay studio or at your place. Check her Facebook page for specials.
Runners-up: Kevin Guzik, Alex Davidson

Best Lawyer

Danielle Hawkes
Dani is a partner at The Salt Lake Lawyers, whose mission it is to provide efficient, creative, cost-effective services and solutions to their clients. She has won many awards and has been recognized for her pro bono work. She co-founded Rainbow Law, a free legal clinic focusing on LGBT law in Salt Lake City, and was president of OutLaws, S.J. Quinney’s queer student group.
Runners-Up: Chris Wharton, Jesse Nix, Peggy Tomsic

Best Photographer

David Daniels
We might as well name this award after him. David (or Dav.d) is at many, many gay functions with a camera glued to his eye. He likes to shoot events and weddings of all kinds and portrait work in interesting settings.
Runners-up: Cat Palmer, Alex Gallivan

Best Caterer

Le Croissant Catering
If you are at a swank event in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and ally community, you are most certainly enjoying the food of Le Croissant Catering. The family team of John and Kelly Lake, Chris Lake, Christopher Sanchez and the rest of the team know how make your event the talk of the town, from incredible food to creative presentation. Remember the Love Elevated Mass Wedding Reception? Wouldn’t have happened without Le Croissant. Next up: Utah Pride Festival’s Grand Marshal reception.

Best Insurance Agent

Jon Jepsen
Jon Jepsen gives back to his community, and people see it. Jepsen is on the Utah Pride Center Board of Directors and was on the Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission, was Equality Utah Allies Dinner Chairman and has many initials after his name on his business card, which reads his title as “Insurance Artist.”
Runners-Up: Steven Fisher, Janet Silotti


Best Leader of a Queer Organization

Mark Lawrence
There is no doubt that 2013 was a year for the history books, and this year’s Fabby goes to the visionary who helped create that history. Mark Lawrence was responsible for starting Restore Our Humanity, the group that hired the attorneys and brought the plaintiffs together to challenge Utah’s discriminatory Amendment 3. The law was struck down on December 20, 2013, allowing over 1,200 couples to legally marry in a 17 day window before a stay was issued pending appeal. restoreourhumanity.org
Runners-up: Connie Anast (TEA of Utah), Brandie Balken (Equality Utah)

Best Local Politician

Sen. Jim Dabakis
From Chairman of the Utah Democratic Party to the floor of the Utah State Senate, Jim Dabakis has been a constant voice for the LGBT community in Utah. During this past session’s battle over non-discrimination laws Senator Dabakis was everywhere, standing in at rallies, arranging an historic community conversation, and fighting for equality in Utah.
Runners-up: Ben McAdams, Sim Gill, Ralph Becker

Best Local Actor

Charles Lynn Frost
Continuing his famous role as Sister Dottie S. Dixon, Charles Lynn Frost has become one of the most prominent fixtures of local theater and radio. Charles has shattered barriers and opened up vital conversations. He combines wit and intellect with comedy and drama to push the boundaries of the LGBT conversation in Utah.
Runners-up: Teresa Sanderson, Alexis Baigue

Best Bartender

Max Garrett
Club JAM’s drink-slinger gets this year’s Fabby as Best Bartender. Max has been with JAM since 2013. He is a newlywed, marrying his husband Mike during the 17 days when same-sex marriage was legal in Utah.
Runners-up: Michael Elliot, Jim (TryAngles)

Best Local DJ

Justin Hollister
DJ Justin Hollister has become one of the biggest DJ’s in Salt Lake City. In addition to being the headline DJ for the Utah Pride Festival in 2012 and 2013, Hollister does the Saturday night Metro Bar @ Fusion. He has worked along side some of the biggest DJ names in the business.
Runners-up: DJ Harry Cross, Jr., DJ/DC


Best Social Group

Sage Utah
SAGE Utah, a program of the Utah Pride Center, and under the solid direction of the representative community-based SAGE Advisory Board, strives to increase fulfillment, happiness, joy, and a richness of life for all Sagers. All programming, services, advocacy, and events surrounding SAGE Utah strives to meet the 5 human needs of its diverse members; physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.
Runners-up: Utah Bears, Atheists of Utah

Best Political Group

Equality Utah
Working for a fair and just Utah. No group exemplifies that more than Equality Utah. From the legislative fight over non-discrimination to the battle for marriage equality in the courts, you will always find Equality Utah in the mix. They combine a potent blend of education and advocacy and are always working to make our state a better place for all of us.
Runners-up: Restore Our Humanity, Utah Stonewall Democrats

Best Health/Resources Group

Utah AIDS Foundation
The Utah AIDS Foundation offers assistance and expertise to anyone struggling with HIV/AIDS and any of the complex issues that surround it. Their core of dedicated employees and highly trained and compassionate volunteers work tirelessly to improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.
Runners-up: Planned Parenthood, Out of the Smoke

Best Religious Group

Atheists of Utah
Living their credo of “good without god,” the Atheists of Utah are a powerful force in our community. In addition to their constant work to separate religion from law in Utah, the A of U members are always involved in one project or another, from highway clean-up projects to fundraisers and volunteer service projects for groups like the Homeless Youth Resource Center.
Runners-up: First Baptist Church of Salt Lake City, Holladay Church of Christ

Best Sports Organization

Cheer Salt Lake
Cheer Salt Lake is our local adult cheer for charity team. Since 2011 they have been performing at a number of events and collecting money to benefit health and wellness related charities, supporting groups working in the HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, and other life threatening medical arenas.
Runners-up: QUAC, Pride Softball League


Best Columnist

Bob Henline
Hate to love him or love to hate him, Bob Henline is an ally whom you know where he stands. He’s a “line in the sand” kind of guy who doesn’t appreciate nuance when it comes to treating people fairly. You’re either all in, or you are not. Bob has been writing many of the news stories lately as well, including traveling to Denver to hear oral arguments made in the same-sex marriage case.

Best Story of the Year

Gay Marriage Comes to Utah
Nothing sparked interest as much interest in our writing than our coverage of Judge Shelby’s ruling that Utah’s anti-gay marriage laws were unconstitutional. Our web traffic was up 1400 percent and is still measurably higher than it has been in many, many years.

Best QSaltLake Event

Love Elevated: Mass Wedding Reception
When marriage was legal for 17 days in Utah, people ran to their local county clerk wearing whatever they had on that day, from work uniforms to hoodies. These people deserved a wedding reception like no other, and the community joined with QSaltLake to put together the grandest reception ever seen in Utah … in just 11 days.
ALSO: Big Gay Fun Bus, Lagoon Day, FABBY AWARDS


Best Radio Station

Once again by a landslide, X-96 and Radio from Hell took top honors in the FABBY voting. How could any other station compete when they have Sister Dottie S. Dixon as a regular?
Runners-Up: KUER, KRCL

Best Radio Personality

Doug Fabrizio
The man is a legend in the local radio world with his well-thought-out programming and world-renowned guests. Fabrizio has also hosted Plan-B Theatre events, Equality Utah dinners and Oscar Night for the Utah AIDS Foundation.
RUNNERS-UP: Troy Williams, Bill Allred

Best Television News


Well, here is an upset! This year, QSaltLake’s readers went along with the Nielsen families to choose 2 News as television news program.
Runner-up: Fox 13

Best News Anchor

Hope Woodside
Though readers chose 2News as top station, they chose Hope Woodside as top anchor by a wide margin. Could it have anything to do with the fact she has attended the FABBY Awards for many years now? Or is it just that she’s hot, personable, has impeccable taste in outfits and is good at what she does? Who knows?
Runners-up: Shauna Lake, Mary Nickles, Mark Koebel

Best TV News Reporter

Ben Winslow
The hardest-working television news reporter in the state once again is rewarded for his efforts with a FABBY Award. Find him in August at the Utah Pride Golf Classic, where he will be sipping bloody marys in his golf cart. We have yet to see him with golf club in hand.
Runners-up: Rich Piatt, Nineveh Dinha

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

For more winners, check out Our Picks.

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