Weston Clark receives grassroots award from Utah Democrats

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Openly gay Democratic political consultant, stay-at-home dad and former Salt Lake County Democratic Party chair Weston Clark, along with Magna activist Laura Jo McDermaid, were awarded the Taylor & Mayne Award at the annual celebration, April 25 at The Depot. The event is to celebrate grassroots activists and leaders who otherwise go unnoticed. They also honored former chair Jim Dabakis for his service.

“Todd Taylor and Ed Mayne were pillars in the Democratic Party who believed in the importance of growing the grassroots community and the Democratic base in Utah,” organizers explained in a statement. “They were tireless advocates for the everyday Utahn, the everyday Democrat, and were fundamental in making the wheels turn.”

Recipients were judged on being a grassroots activist, passionate about Democratic ideals and getting Democrats elected in Utah, committed and dedicated to serving both candidates and the Democratic Party; behind the scenes, hard worker who rarely gets the recognition they deserve.

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