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Utah Pride 2014: Welcome from SLC Mayor Ralph Becker

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Thank you for taking part in this year’s Pride Festival celebration. The theme for this year’s festival, Love Equals Love, embraces love. Love doesn’t discriminate and we must love and accept ourselves to be truly whole.

The Pride Festival attracts many to Salt Lake City each year, not only because the event is fun, but also because the event provides a wonderful opportunity for us to come together to celebrate the diversity of our capital city. My sincere thanks to the Utah Pride Center for their tremendous efforts every year to ensure the success of the festival.

Since I have been in office, my administration has instituted a mutual commitment registry, creating a way for Salt Lake City to recognize relationships of mutual commitment, support and caring. The registry allows businesses in the city to easily determine eligibility for benefits.

We have also implemented anti-discrimination ordinances, which prohibit landlords and employers from denying housing or employment because of sexual orientation or gender identity. Many were doubtful and skeptical of these endeavors and their implementation, but I am happy to report the skeptics were wrong. Several cities throughout the state have followed Salt Lake City’s lead, having passed similar ordinances.

I appreciate hearing your ideas, proposals and hopes for the future of Salt Lake City, and working together as we accomplish common goals which include implementing a comprehensive nondiscrimination municipal ordinance and emphasizing the importance of diversity training in every city department (we are currently in the midst of this training).

I recognize we still have a long way to go with a focus on education and tolerance before we achieve full equality; however, I will be celebrating all that we have accomplished together in the past six years to ensure equal rights, fairness and dignity for all residents of Salt Lake City.

Enjoy the Pride Festival!

Warm regards,

Ralph Becker

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