Salt Lake police officer has resigned over Pride parade

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According to the Salt Lake City Police Department, a written resignation from the officer under internal investigation related to an assignment at last weekend’s Utah Pride Parade has been received by superiors.

“This closes the internal case. In light of pending litigation, no further comment will be provided at this time,” the department said in a statement.

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  1. Now if he can just find a hiring police department in Utah County or Northern Idaho…

  2. If his claims are true, that he merely requested a less conspicuous assignment than leading off the parade with the rest of the motorcycle officers but in no way refused to do so and was placed on leave as a result, he may well be on pretty good legal grounds

  3. Some people do not like spectacle, no person should be bullied, I would have trouble being the first float in the days of 47 parade, because of my non -religious convictions , dose not mean that I wish Mormons harm or that I am voting against them in any way. Just would feel awkward having people Think that I condone their hatred.

  4. Am I the only person that doesn't have a problem with this officer's decision to not want to be in the Pride parade? Nobody should be forced to be part of that day and those celebrations who doesn't want to be–Pride has always been about the freedom to be yourself and make your own choices. If this is where we're at now, shaming everyone who might not be comfortable being on display in a massive gay parade, then we're moving in the completely wrong direction. It's childish and petty–leave him alone. A tendered resignation? This is getting stupid now.

  5. This was his job just like any duty he would be assigned to! This has nothing to do with pride organisers or the LGBT, it was his job pure and simple! If I refused to serve my customers because he/she was trans then I would face simular consequences!

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