Restore Our Humanity passes the torch on marriage equality

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Restore Our Humanity, the organization that put together the plaintiffs and the attorneys, and assumed the financial responsibility for the Kitchen v. Herbert case today announced that they are passing the torch in the battle as it moves to the Supreme Court level.  The announcement came in the form of a press release.

“We are proud and humbled to be a part of Kitchen v. Herbert.  Nevertheless, we recognize our limitations and finite resources.  Restore Our Humanity is a tiny, almost all-volunteer, grass-roots organization which has never sought the national spotlight.  Our focus as an organization has always been to serve the diverse communities of Utah, and affect real, lasting, positive change here.

“As Kitchen v. Herbert moves forward into the national arena, Restore Our Humanity is confident that the attorneys at Magleby & Greenwood, together with national organizations dedicated to marriage equality will successfully pursue the case with dedication and skill.  Restore Our Humanity is honored to pass the torch of Kitchen v. Herbert to these organizations.”

The National Center for Lesbian Rights joined the case in January of this year and reportedly contributed time and legal expertise leading up to the hearing at the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in April.

Restore Our Humanity Director Mark Lawrence, in a telephone interview with QSaltLake today, reiterated his organization’s commitment to the case and the obligations they undertook regarding it.  To date, according to Lawrence, Restore Our Humanity has raised approximately $130,000.  Approximately $35,000 of that has been used for operational expenses and $90,000 has been paid to the attorneys.

Lawrence confirmed that all of Restore Our Humanity’s current account balances will be sent to the attorneys in the case, and they will continue to fundraise and provide the attorneys with monthly statement of their activities along with payments.

“It’s not about egos, not about self-glorification.  It’s about the case,” Lawrence said. “It’s about families in Utah that deserve the full protection of the law.”

Moving forward, Restore Our Humanity will be expanding into a “broader human rights organization,” focusing primarily on local issues here in Utah, while continuing to contribute financially to the Kitchen v. Herbert case.  They have several events in the planning stages for later this year.

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  1. What a remarkable individual. Few (including me) had the vision and chutzpah to realize that this bigotry, though clearly wrong, would be so successfully rebuked, and would have accepted the challenge of doing so. Few can look back upon their lives, and see such a wonderful impact on so many people, with more still to come. Kudos, Mark Lawrence.

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