Leather/BDSM contest and convention in Salt Lake

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Rocky Mountain Rebellion, the renamed annual leather/BDSM convention and leather contest, will take place this year the weekend of August 15—17, starting with a pre-party on August 14.

Organizer Andrew Love says that “big changes” are happening this year, beginning with the new name.

2013 contest winners, Pocket Toy and Praxxis

“After years of looking for an event name that differs from the contest name, I am pleased to announce that the new event name will be ‘Rocky Mountain Rebellion,’ Love said in a statement. “Each year we will choose a different theme of what we seek to rebel against, could be intolerance, conformity, indoctrination etc. All themes aimed towards finding deeper authenticity.”

Also announced was a new contest.

“This year will be the first ever Rocky Mountain Person of Leather,” Love announced. “I really have struggled with the idea that a leather title should be gender based. I believe that what truly matters in a Leather title is the substance of the person, the fiber of your character, not your gender. Instead of having a men’s and a women’s division, we will have one title with an open playing field. This year’s winner will compete head-to-head at the International Person of Leather contest.”

The contest will no longer be part of International Olympus Leather.

As in previous years, the weekend will be filled with workshops, a vendor fair, social meet-and-greets and night-time “play parties.”

Last year’s contest winners, Praxxis of Salt Lake City and Pocket Toy of Aurora Colo., will step down to make way for a brand new Rocky Mountain Person of Leather.

Organizers are not making the location of the event public for “security reasons.” Only registered attendees will be told the actual location at the International Center west of the Salt Lake International Airport.

Registration is $85 and must be completed by the end of day August 14.

Registration, more information and a list of all workshops can be found at the group’s website, rockymountainolympus.com.

Applications to take place in the competition can also be completed at the web site by Aug. 5.

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