Facebook donates $10,000 to Reyes’ campaign

According to disclosures filed with the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s office, Facebook, Inc. donated $10,000 to the campaign of Attorney General Sean Reyes on May 13, 2014.

Facebook, according to its “diversity” page, “values the impact that every individual can have. We are dedicated to creating an environment where people can be their authentic selves and share their diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and ideas.”

When asked about the donation to the person who has arguably become the face of legal opposition to marriage equality in America, a Facebook spokesperson responded with:

“Facebook has a strong record on LGBT issues and that will not change, but we make decisions about which candidates to support based on the entire portfolio of issues important to our business, not just one. A contribution to a candidate does not mean that we agree with every policy or position that candidate takes. We made this donation for the same reason we’ve donated to Attorneys General on the opposite side of this issue – because they are committed to fostering innovation and an open Internet.”

The spokesperson also made note of three pro-equality candidates to whom Facebook has also contributed substantial financial support.

When pressed further about which specific issues earned Reyes Facebook’s support, the reply was a curt, “He’s worked on Internet safety and patent reform.”  Requests for specific instances of such work or statements have gone unanswered.

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  1. Thank you for bringing this to your readers' attention. It is important to know.
    AG Reyes is reprehensible. It is up to the voters of Utah to make that known.

  2. I just signed the petition for FB ro retract the contribution to antigay reyes.
    we have over 1500 signatures, others with inclusive values please do the same.

  3. So Facebook will support a candidate based on "Issues important to our Business"?
    would that include anti-semitic politicians or groups? any other hate groups? based on business? how many more billions do you need not to sell your values to an antigay politican in UTAH? did you contribute to Meg Whitman during the No on 8 campaign in 2008? I have taken myself off FB and urge others to do so. our values for not supporting hate and bigotry is much more significant that selfie's announcing that we had the best chicken wings last night while watching Duck Dynasty. Let's take a stand.

  4. I understand that when supporting a political candidate there are a lot of issues to look, at not just one, That being said Human and equal rights shouldn't be an issue up for discussion. you either support it or you don't. I hope FB comes to understand there are no gray areas when it comes to equality.

  5. Exactly the point. If Reyes were trying to prevent blacks from marrying whites, or Jews from marrying Gentiles, they wouldn't touch this bastard with a ten-foot pole. But gays, hell, it's OK to alienate the hell out of them, isn't it?

    Zuckerberg sucks. I was thinking of quitting Facebook, but he wouldn't even notice that. Instead, I'm using my Facebook page, and the pages of all my clients (I'm a Web developer) to spread the word, far and wide, that Facebook is a hypocritical organization that supports bigots. There's a certain karma in using Facebook to attack Facebook!!

  6. "The company has also donated $8,500 to the reelection campaign of California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who is a particularly vocal proponent of marriage equality.” This is pulled from another article as well. So please tell me where they are only supporting anti gay candidates…

  7. If you say so cause its ridiculous to see all this crap when theres much bigger issues out there than who facebook gives money to. Your example is far to extreme towards what this is about. However we all have our own opinion and mine just happens to be tired of people complaining about petty things like this.

  8. we will not stop until Zuckerberg and Facebook apologize for their selfish contribution to impede equal civil rights for ALL Americans. They also need to contribute to a po LGBT, pro gay marriage organization.

  9. Bob Henline Before I sign this petition regarding Facebook I will need to know whether $10,000.00 was donated to each of the other candidates running for Utah Attorney General. Please advise.

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