GoFundMe page raises over $30K for young man verbally and physically abused in viral video for coming out to his family

Out of evil comes good. Many have posted the sickening video of a family’s reaction to their son coming out to them, including physical violence and anti-gay epithets in the name of their religion.

A GoFundMe page, which he didn’t know about, has raised over $30,000 for living expenses to help him out. The fund originally hoped to raise $2000 for him, but has swelled into a show of support as large as the hate of his family.

Daniel Ashley Pierce from Georgia posted the video to his Facebook page Tuesday. He told Huffington Post that he began recording it because, “I wanted to make sure there was evidence in case something happened.”

“Since you have chosen that path, we will not support you any longer. You will need to move out and find wherever you can to live, and do what you want to. ‘Cause I will not let people believe that I condone what you do,” Daniel’s step-mother is heard saying in the video.

Daniel was surprised by his family’s reaction to his coming out, according to a post on his Facebook page.

“What a day…. I thought that waking up at 9:48 and being 15 mins late to work was going to be the biggest problem today. but i didn’t know that my biggest problem was going to be getting disowned and kicked out of my home of almost twenty years. to add insult to injury my step mother punched me in the face repeatedly with my grandmother cheering her along. i am still in complete shock and disbelief….”

Today, his reaction is a bit more upbeat, when the GoFundMe page took off after being started by his boyfriend.

“Oh My you guys! I am in tears! I didn’t realize that this was even set up for me! I am so thankful for all the comments, support and donations! I don’t even know how to thank y’all! I wish I could give each and everyone of you a huge hug! I was trying to respond to everyone but I couldn’t keep up!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This is all just so amazing!!!”

Warning: if you are in a vulnerable place, please do not watch this video. If you are in need of help for depression, please call the Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386.

For local help if you have been kicked out of your home for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans*, call the Homeless Youth Resource Center at Volunteers of America at 801-364-0744.

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  1. You young men you rise above this HATE! Make something out of You! Fallow your Dream and bring it on. One day your Family will regret the things that they said in name of Religion!God bless you.

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