Genderevolution to celebrate trans* this Saturday

Utah Pride Center is hosting the sixth annual gender conference, Genderevolution: Celebrate Trans* this Saturday, Nov. 15th at Rowland Hall, 843 Lincoln Street, SLC, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The conference will feature lectures, workshops, and panels offered by local community members and professionals. Attendees are invited to educate themselves on a variety of topics including healthy self-image development, gender fluidity, the interplay of gender identity & sexual orientation, meditation techniques, legal aid, mental & physical health, transgender history and much more.

Here, you can meet other gender variant folks, their parents, partners, families, friends and the professionals who serve them.

Pat Manuel

The conference will feature keynote speaker Pat Manuel, also known as “Cacahuate (Peanut)” who is a transmasculine QPOC who has shaped his masculine identity in boxing gyms around Los Angeles, CA. A 5x national amateur champion, Pat was a participant in the first ever Women’s Olympic Boxing Trials and was the only vocally out queer fighting in the history of USA Boxing’s Olympic Box-Offs. Medically disqualified after the first fight of the tournament, Pat struggled with ways other than visibility to aide his community. Since joining the Brown Boi Project in 2013, he has decided to use his knowledge as a trainer and athlete to empower others through physical fitness. Pat created buffbutch.com, a website intending to fill the void of queer fitness interests.

The $25 pre-registration fee includes breakfast and lunch. Tickets are $35 at the door. This event is INCLUSIVE TO ALL and many scholarships and reduced fares are available at www.utahpridecenter.org/events/gender-conference.

Visit www.utahpridecenter.org for more information and to pre-register. E-mail any questions you may have to [email protected].

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