Gender Blender held in Logan at USU

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Women dressed as men, men dressed as women, people dressed to guess joined together in Logan on Saturday night for the Cache Valley Gay-Straight Alliance’s annual Gender Blender event.

“It’s an event to raise awareness of breaking down gender binaries,” Utah State senior Mel Austin, vice president of the university’s Love Is For Everyone (LIFE) club told the Utah Statesman. “Breaking down the stereotypes and allowing us to show there’s fluidity in gender and gender expression and everyday appearances.”

This year’s theme of the dance and contest was cosplay and partiers were encouraged to cross dress as their favorite characters.

Proceeds from the event were donated to LIFE, which is focused on allowing LGBT and ally people to meet one another on campus.

The event was held at the Bullen Center in downtown Logan and included a drag contest, music, dancing, food and alcohol for those age 21 and older.

The contests were for the best Drag King, for women dressed as male characters; Drag Queen, for men dressed as female characters; and, for the first time, Drag Androgynous, for those who didn’t identify as either a man or a woman or were a blend of both.

About 90 people participated and food for the event was donated by Great Harvest Bread Co. and Logan restaurant Herm’s Inn, owned by Ryan Bird and Heather Santi of Salt Lake’s Eggs in the City.

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