Pet of the Month: Remi

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5 years old, female. Mix of Labrador and Retriever

RemiThis little lass gets an “A” in the snuggle department. She is a wonderful mixture of energy and patience. Living in a foster home, we have learned so much about this wonderful dog and are astonished she hasn’t been adopted yet. She is a very respectful girl and learns your human boundaries at the same time that you learn more about her, being careful to not overstep your personal space. This is a great dog for anyone who is looking for a mature and sophisticated relationship, her favorite afternoon involves tea and the soothing tones of NPR. Getting to know Remi, we have discovered that she is just a hidden ball of confidence, waiting for a family to help her show her true colors and talents. Remi has allowed us a peak into her desires as a dog and found that she enjoys the wonderful sounds of a squeaker toy or splashing and frolicking around in the water. She doesn’t let many see this juvenile side of her but she does know how to let loose and have fun. She will reward your patience with a wonderful wholesome connection and a lifetime of loyalty.

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