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Recently, another gay dad I know admitted that being a father can make him feel disconnected from the LGBT community. He’s right. Parenthood changes your perspective and can make it seem like you have more in common with the straight LDS couple down the street than the leather daddies next door.

So for Weston and all the other gay dads, lesbian moms, our friends and families, here are Who’s Your Daddy’s Most Fabulous!

Most Inclusive Pre-School: Saint Sophia School. My boys went here and loved it. Yes, it’s a religious  school but it focuses more on shared values. Every type of family is respected and celebrated at Saint Sophia. They’re too busy embracing children to allow any form of intolerance. http://www.saintsophiaschool.org/

Best  LGBT Parent Advocacy Group: Family Equality Council. Dedicated to ensuring that every family receives the recognition, protection and respect they deserve, this organization is a treasure trove of great information. Whether it’s  providing teachers with resources about diversity or helping parents change out-of-date mother/father school forms, they truly advocate for LGBT families. www.familyequality.org

Most Fabulous LGBT Family Group: Gay and Lesbian Parents of Utah (GLPU). Although we haven’t had a chance to attend any of their events recently, this is a fun group of families headed by LGBT parents. It’s wonderful for kids to hang out with families that look like theirs whether it’s at a park, at the  annual Christmas party, or with  the new Girl Scouts troop. It’s also a great resource to ask questions and get advice on topics like parental rights and schools issues. Find them on Facebook.

Best Place to Buy a Book About Two Dads or Two Moms: The King’s English. Looking for a book with two dads or two moms? Check out the selection at this Salt Lake institution. Equally as impressive is the knowledge of the helpful and friendly staff, who can offer additional LGBT parenting books that they’ve actually read! http://www.kingsenglish.com/

Best Site to Buy Those Books Online: WackaDoodle Books. If you prefer online shopping, this is the bookstore for you. Created for the sole purpose of increasing family literacy, owner Amy Palmer Rothenberger stocks an impressive number of titles featuring lesbian moms and gay dads. In full and fair disclosure, I write literacy information and book reviews for their blog, but WackaDoodle would make this list even if I didn’t. https://www.wackadoodlebooks.com/

Most Awesome Pediatrics Practice: Wasatch Pediatrics (Willowcreek). The doctors and staff at Wasatch are simply terrific. Respectful of all types of families, we’ve had nothing but great experiences there. (The boys may disagree seeing how it’s where they get poked, prodded and vaccinated.) When I mentioned the mom/dad forms were outdated, our doctor immediately brought it up at the next staff meeting and followed up with me to tell me they’ve started the process of updating the forms. If he’s accepting new patients, Dr. Stephen Lynch is just fantastic. www.wasatchpeds.net/willowcreek

Best Local Business for Marriage Equality: Caputo’s Deli and Market.  Plenty of big companies filed Amicus Briefs in support of marriage equality in Utah. But Caputo’s led the charge for smaller, local establishments. Owner Tony Caputo publicly declared that supporting marriage equality is simply the right thing to do. For LGBT parents it means a lot to know we have allies like Tony and Mary Caputo. http://www.caputosdeli.com/

So there you go, Weston, some fabulous picks for fabulous LGBT parents!

Speaking of fabulous, last month I mentioned the 5K I’m running in to benefit the BrockStrong Foundation. Folks have asked me for more information. You can learn more and register here http://bit.ly/1CUwqjU or search for BrockStrong on Eventbrite.



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