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Video: ‘Dylan,’ short film of the story of a trans* man

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DYLAN is a short film written and directed by Elizabeth Rohrbaugh and is based on a interview done with Dylan Winn Garner. The film follows a young trans man as he explains his story, his exploration in the trans community, his family’s acceptance of his identity, and ultimately his physical and emotional transformation. Shot in Coney Island at dawn, the film shows as Dylan literally sheds the layers that have been weighing him down for so many years, and finds a freedom in self love and acceptance.

The 8-minute film is almost a decade in the making. Rohrbaugh wrote the script as part of a writing class where she interviewed her friend Dylan. She tells Dylan’s story with his monologue, accompanied by shots of actor Becca Blackwell at a deserted Coney Island.

She says Dylan and his wife, who saw the film at the St. Louis Film Festival, were happy to see a movie about transgender people that wasn’t sad.

“This is one person’s evolution of discovering who he is and that’s a great thing,” Rohrbaugh says.

The film is now available for free streaming at and it will be physically screened at Outfest on July 12th in Los Angeles.

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