August Qscopes

ARIES: The more trust you instill in someone, the more likely you are to be let down. Take control and don’t rely heavily on others. A grand development will appear in the form of an expansive, creative force. Business requires attention, and the way of finding resolution is by doing it alone. There is more to life than fulfilling desires.

TAURUS: A cry for help comes from someone close to you. Whether it is a lover or partner, there is little choice but to provide much needed comfort. A massive project will conflict with a seemingly unattainable goal of helping this person find peace of mind. A strong effort and big push will ensure satisfaction is achieved. Be tough!

GEMINI: Lift your spirits with a much-needed vacation. The further you go, the better you’ll feel. Work and career matters are bound to cause headaches, and getting away is the best therapy. It’s not about running away, but finding a new perspective. An internal change can influence the external world, so dream big.

CANCER: A tight grasp from friend provides guiding lights in a place of darkness. While obligations are smothering right now, there is always a way out. A business or work matter is bound to cause strain, but even a good stretch always starts out painful and ends in relief. Don’t fight against the current, no matter how fast it flows.

LEO: The calm before the storm is a lullaby. Resist the urge to relax because you’ll get caught with your pants down as things speed up. But taking a casual attitude could do you good, especially when dealing with family and co-workers. Mind the opinions of others but put your needs first. A storm is coming so prepare for it.

VIRGO: Multiple options will come available regarding a big decision. Ramifications of a choice could be huge, so don’t settle without thinking. The most obvious choice is not necessarily the right one. Dive into life with a spirit of adventure. Finances are on the line, so spend wisely and conserve. Saving today makes tomorrow better.

LIBRA: When fur is flying, it’s likely due to a cat fight. Don’t get involved in matters concerning friends until things calm down. In the meantime, focus on what matters most. Start a business or get involved with the local church. Do what it takes to keep the focus on improving yourself.  Then work on helping others and provide gifts.

SCORPIO: Listen to criticisms with an open mind, but consider the source. Doing opposite can be best if a source is unreliable. A fork in the road presents itself when choosing between two people, but it may be possible to have your cake and eat it too. Though it may sound sketchy, there’s nothing wrong with trying to have it all.

SAGITTARIUS: Don’t charge too quickly into a hostile situation. A boss or superior officer isn’t in the mood to be dominated. Take a moment and prepare for a more submissive approach. Patience will be rewarded with a big payoff. Family members will reach out for some much needed compliments. Don’t be afraid of being kind.

CAPRICORN: There isn’t a lot on the table, so you need to look hard to get fun times rolling. There’s a first time for every experience and a pivotal event is in store for you this month. Keep an open mind and a new opportunity will present itself. Friends question your decisions, but ultimately understand you do your own thing.

AQUARIUS: You are far more likely to crash and burn if you don’t get a grip on a whirlwind of emotions. Many people have noticed a tendency in you to lose control when the going gets tough. Rejuvenate with a good friend. Get some needed rest or perform recreational activities. Bed is a good place to do both, so get the party on.

PISCES: How far you go depends on how much you can take. A little space leads to big improvements in matters of the heart. Though not overbearing, a loved one or family member could be unintentionally demanding. Calm them with sweet words and take the drama out of a tense situation. Kill the fear with cheer and smile big.

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