LDS Church donates to the Utah Pride Center

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gave a “first-ever” charitable donation to the Utah Pride Center to help with a drop-in program to help homeless and low-income youth.

Center leaders announced the donation in a press release. Sources say the amount was $2,500.

“The donation was made in response to a request by the Utah Pride Center for perishable food items to supplement a program put in place and staffed by community volunteers that feed homeless youth. The Utah Pride Center asked the church for a small amount, because that was what was needed. And it was a beginning, a step,” UPC board president Kent Frogley wrote in a statement. “The church responded, first with ‘Are you sure you don’t need more?’ and then ‘We’d be happy to help.’”

The church has donated food to AIDS service organizations in California and locally for decades.

“Dick [Dotson] worked with the LDS Church through the AIDS Project Los Angeles foodbank way in the 80’s,” said Don Steward. “He joked about how no one in LA knew what Supermarket Chain made ‘Deseret’ brand food.”

When Steward and Dotson started an AIDS hospice, Horizon House, and the Camp Pinecliff weekend for HIV-affected people, the LDS Church’s Welfare Square was and is still generous in its donation.

“They provide the milk, eggs, fruit, butter, sour cream, cheese, bread, spaghetti and so on that make the camp affordable to PWAs, their family members, and their supporters,” Steward said. “Pinecliff never would have lasted if it wasn’t for the Church’s support.”

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