Mr. Friendly Team Utah seeks to reduce stigma of HIV

A local chapter of Mr. Friendly — an international, yet grassroots movement to reduce stigma of HIV, encourage testing for HIV, and improve quality of life for those living with HIV in friendly ways — was announced today by organizers.

The group will host events in Utah and use social media to promote awareness about HIV and the latest developments in treatment, prevention and resources for our entire Utah community, positive or negative.

They hope to also work with various local HIV-service agencies and assist with their outreach to our community.

To sustain the campaign, organizers will sell products that help fight HIV stigma in friendly ways.

“We look forward to creating friendly conversations locally to promote the vision of a world stigma-free of HIV,” said Michael Sanders. “Please share our Facebook page and the information and articles that will be posted.”

Sanders is seeking volunteers, whether they are positive or negative for the virus. He can be reached through the Facebook page.

More information on the Mr. Friendly program can be found at mrfriendly.org. Team Utah’s Facebook page is here.

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