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Gay Men Aloud — new support group forming

Gay Men Aloud is a new group for maturing gay men. The group is open to all gay men, and will meet the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at the First Baptist Church, 777 S. 1300 East, in the north end cultural hall at 6:30 p.m. Parking is behind the church and entry to the gathering is also in the rear of the building. There will be signage to direct people to the new and exciting group.

There has for sometime now been a request for gay men to meet and discuss issues relevant to their lives, their experiences and their aging, hence the creation of GMA. There will be two formats for the two monthly meetings, one — an open forum with questions about an important topic to gay men, and the other — an expert presenter who will focus on a specific topic, and then lead a Q&A from the group. GMA is also for reconnecting as maturing gay men, sharing, learning, interacting, making friends, and discussing relevant issues and concerns.

Aging in general can be a process that can be laced with many stressors; physical limitations, a gradual dependency on an already over-burdened healthcare system, suitable housing, and sufficient income, navigating governmental and community systems, and isolation from limited family resources. Although the stressors of aging are similar between gay and straight males, they are compounded for maturing gay man by certain societal stigmatizations and surviving in a youth-centric gay culture. Invisibility increases regardless of social involvement, as does blatant and subtle ageism and even discrimination in certain individuals. GMA will explore solutions to these aging issues, along with many other topics the group will determine.

Gay Men Aloud will be an open and affirming group, with the desire to have the group create the programming that best meets their current needs, issues and concerns. GMA is a safe sanctuary for open-minded, lively, and courteous discussion, as well as information gathering, learning and creating sustainable lives for all its gay maturing members. If you’ve questions please go to Gay Men Aloud on FaceBook and join our group. We anticipate and are planning a robust and exhilarating time.

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