September Qscopes

ARIES: The path to freedom appears in the form of passion and good spirits. It’s amazing how good someone makes you feel when things get a little tough. Don’t grow dependent on others for happiness, but if an opportunity for it exists, take advantage of it. Strength spawns from coziness, especially in matters of the heart.

TAURUS: Priorities of equal importance flood your agenda. Discouragement ensues without a clear first step, and progress is stalled. Career woes should be handled lightly, while relationship and family matters demand a direct approach. Patience is good, but don’t delay. Draining the pressures of life will provide immediate relief.

GEMINI: The future seems unclear and a path undefined. This would be fine if you knew the general direction things were going. A normal sense of adventure is notably missing, but do no fret. Life continues moving forward and will eventually show its cards. Now is not a good time to gamble, so some caution would be wise.

CANCER: You’ve kept a big secret for a while. However, everyone already knows what the secret is! Don’t fear letting friends know what defines you, as it will make the world much easier to deal with. Being out of your comfort zone could take time to adjust to, but being exposed can be very liberating. Freedom is a gift to your self.

LEO: A helping hand comes from a family member. A humble nature will emerge as a result, and a new perspective will shape your outlook. Spend time with those close to you, and don’t let a moment of anger overcome your sensibilities. Staying calm when things heat up is encouraged. The last thing needed right now is deep regret.

VIRGO: A big change is coming, so be prepared. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like everyone is too busy. But it’s a good time for reflection and personal expression. Splurge a little, but don’t venture too far from the familiar. A neat friend will make a surprise appearance. However, be aware of some romantic intentions.

LIBRA: Dreams can be frightening if truth is mistaken for logic. Don’t blow things out of proportion without measuring the extent of reality. Family members take advantage of insecurities, so avoid a tragedy before it starts. If things don’t feel right, make the necessary adjustments. Small changes make the biggest of differences.

SCORPIO: A period of intense emotional strain will lead to an increase of desires. Give into temptation with a sense of modesty, and satisfaction will be more abundant. An increase of finances will come available, but conservation would be wise. Save for something you really want while being aware of hard times ahead.

SAGITTARIUS: Friends from the past will appear in a quick and surprising manner. Welcome or not, there are memories attached to these people. Buried emotions will rise to the surface. Evaluate your feelings carefully and tread lightly. The past is remembered differently from others. Misunderstandings could result in conflict.

CAPRICORN: There is no such thing as a perfect life, but perfect moments are possible. Great moments will occur during this time, especially in business matters. An intriguing opportunity will be a powerful lure. Be cautious with individuals who seem too willing to give. Open arms could be a trap. Set restrictions and stand firm.

AQUARIUS: Running away feels good from time to time. This will ring true during this time, Aquarius. Personal entanglements are bound to get sticky, but a little distance will help in overcoming the mess. Eliminate one problem at a time, and free time will flow your way. Relax with a clear head. A good cry could also be cleansing.

PISCES: Feeling through a problem is only part of the process. Embrace both reason and instinct when finalizing a crucial decision. A career development will cause both delight and frustration when too many options become available. The future isn’t certain, but consequences are. Do what feels right to your head and heart. Balance!

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