Obituary: Val Mansfield

November 17, 1956–September 9, 2015

Long-time gay activist Val Mansfield died Wednesday night, September 9 with family by his side.

Mansfield has been heavily involved in Utah’s LGBT community since the 1980s, once known for being the graphic designer of every Pride celebration and many organizations for decades. He still was a member of QUAC — Queer Utah Aquatic Club — and traveled to international meets where he consistently placed. He also competed in the international Gay Games. He was a trustee of the Gay and Lesbian Community Council of Utah and volunteered for uncountable events. He was also a member of Queer Nation, Gay and Lesbian Utah Democrats and, later, Utah Stonewall Democrats.

Mansfield also represented Utah at two Marches on Washington and designed the t-shirt worn by the delegation.

He was awarded the Dr. Kristen Ries Community Service Award in 1993.

Friends knew him for his dry wit and constant, quirky smile.

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