October Qscopes

Aries: The time for fun is now, and a call for action has come. Charge into uncharted territory and try something different. A personal matter will require focus, especially if romance is involved. Have faith in your ability to get a job done, but don’t let it go to your head. What makes you feel special is actually quite normal.

Taurus: The time for structure is important, especially when dealing with a family member or close friend. There are complications that make you wonder if a familiar person had ever meant anything at all. Only you can decide whether to back away or redefine the association. The right choice will be remarkably easy, and worth it.

Gemini: There is definite change coming, and the time for an open-minded mentality is now. Get all the facts when making a career related decision. Remind yourself of your life goals. Change is something dealt with easy, Gemini, but surprises can throw you off. Grip hard and let someone else do the work for a while. Ride the big waves.

Cancer: A key person in life will keep you waiting, testing your patience. Instead of getting angry, offer a helping hand. You’ll find a group effort to be most enjoyable, leading to a re-organization of responsibilities. Treat yourself and let go of an old grudge. It’s not about forgetting the past, but acknowledging the current irrelevance.

Leo: Not everyone will be in the mood for smiles and cheers, but it shouldn’t prevent the good times you crave. Casually dismiss the downers and invite happy people to party. The longer you wait to have fun, the more irritation will prevail. Explosive encounters of the best kind are almost certain, if effort is put into obtaining them.

Virgo: Whether intentional or not, a friend or family member will express discomfort with your seemingly overbearing nature. Your intentions may simply be to help, but it’s best to provide this person space. A deeper understanding of yourself may develop. There is no need to prove your self to others, dear Virgo.

Libra: Intense stress comes with great reward. While it isn’t clear at first what kind of pay off to expect, a big risk could be worth it. Seek out help from others, but don’t lose track of an independent attitude. The best safety net is staying close to the surface. Keep sight of your goals, but don’t extend further than your reach for now.

Scorpio: The squeeze of daily life is making things difficult, especially in regards to work and financials. Eliminating a few obligations, even small ones, can help ease the pressure. Find time for meaningless fun. Invest in moments that will become future memories. Fill your head and heart, and it won’t matter if the bank runs dry.

Sagittarius: Distance from family is crucial in order to retain sanity. The hectic nature of a close relative is bound to hurt. Take a break and enjoy a peace you didn’t realize was missing. The need to construct a plan to be happy will compel some amazing changes. Romance could ensure in an intriguing way, so open your heart!

Capricorn: A major lifestyle choice could surprise those around you, no matter how accustomed they are to your unpredictability. Give others time to adjust, but don’t let adversity derail future plans. Emotions run high with a close family member, especially if it’s a child or pet. You don’t wish to sacrifice, but compromise is vital.

Aquarius: As the year enters the final months, ideas for upcoming activities run through your head. Anticipation can be killer, so modest expectations will be rewarded. A circle of buddies will make suggestions, most of which should be given consideration. Add your great ideas into the mix, and real magic will happen.

Pisces: A person with a pure and true heart will find come into your life. Don’t expect an immediate connection, but be prepared. A key project will pay off in a most unpredictable way due to an emotional intervention. An old connection will ask for a favor, but it’s not an easy one to grant. Don’t give into pressure this time.

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