A proclamation to all human beings

There is a certain culture in Utah that speaks about family from only one perspective – that of religion and god. When The Family: A Proclamation to the World was read, and then released in written form by the LDS church, many people outside of the faith made attempts to come up with their own proclamation. The problem with those works is that they insist on using the language of religion to combat the narrow vision of family put forth by the LDS leaders (and other religious leaders). I attempt to remedy that problem by providing a proclamation for all human beings, those with and without religion.

THE FAMILY: A Proclamation to all human beings

We, the human race, solemnly proclaim that marriage is a union between adults, who with sound mind, with no regard to race, gender, or biology, commit to making our family central to our lives.

All human beings are created with natural and civil rights, without regard to religion or faith. Each human being is a beloved member of a social contract, with a right to exist and participate in society. Gender is of no consequence, as rights do not care about genitilia or the social/cultural definitions those in power have given us.

Antiquity and historical reference is important when speaking about human beings forming families. It is of importance that those in power of religious organizations recognize that human beings existed before their churches were founded. Would religion have us believe that prior to their proclamations there were no such thing as families? There is no sacred ordinance and covenants necessary for individuals to form lasting bonds with other people to create a family, rather devotion, commitment, and love are necessary components for a full life.

The family is granted civil liberties by their peers in government. Children are entitled to birth between consenting adults who shall be reared by loving human beings who honor human compassion and reason. Happiness in family life is most likely achieved when founded upon:

A true desire to see our family members become their best selves
Unconditional love
Open communication

Gender roles play no responsibility in raising children; rather, the people raising their children shall be equal partners in the investment of the emotional and physical well being of their child(ren).

We warn all individuals and religious institutions that those who violate the laws set forth by the Constitution of the United States and other federal and local laws, who abuse other human beings, or who fail to fulfill their human responsibilities, will one day stand accountable before their peers. Further, we warn that disintegration of our humanity will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the downfall of the family.

We call upon all churches and their members everywhere to promote these measures, designed to maintain and strengthen our empathy and to raise families without hostility.

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