QScopes – January 2016

March 20–April 19
There are many celebrations With the rise of a new perspective comes a changing personal view. Open your mind to exploration of yourself, and discover new pleasures. A friend has a tendency to drive you insane, so be less available to their presence. Things will flow better at work, and finances will seamlessly fall into place. An amazing time.

Apr 20–May 20
Have a good talk to the mirror and work out overbearing entanglements. A relationship is bound to improve, but now is the time to make key changes in personal matters. Adopt a sense of compassion when dealing with a child or cherished pet. There is nothing wrong with things going well, so believe they can.

May 21–June 20
The way to avoid confrontation is to clearly define how little irrelevant issues matter to you. Don’t get pulled into family or work related drama and focus on what really matters. An increase in inspiration is in the cards, and a production of meaningful works will garner some much welcome attention.

June 21–July 22
Stripping of old problems is a good way to deal with the new ones. Fresh challenges will present themselves. Remember that less burden equals more flexibility. Everyone around is seemingly having fun, but resist the urge to compare yourself to them. Everyone suffers in silence a little, and it’s best to mind this fact.

July 23–August 22
The forces driving a decision are likely based on flawed perceptions. Give carefully thought when dealing with a sensitive individual or plans could backfire. A compromising position could leave you breathless, so take time in order to ensure full effect. It’s a good time for taking it easy, so make relaxation a priority for once.

August 23–Sep. 22
A distant friend or family member is thinking of you. Call or send a message to show how much you care. Something crucial has been forgotten in the busy pace of life, so take stock of personal responsibilities. With several friends taking new paths in their lives, don’t fret if some are despondent for a while. It’s not personal.

Sept 23–October 22
Things are slow at work and things are going too good to believe. Explore new ideals but put off action until risks are minimal. A loved one or partner is happy to help with a big project, but don’t relinquish all responsibility. Ultimately, the end result reflects you, and perceptions of others do matter sometimes. Chill carefully.

Oct. 23–Nov. 21
It’s a great time to travel or enjoy adventurous activities. Developments in the workplace will provide relief. Stress has been a defining factor recently, becoming almost invisible. Someone will try causing drama, but only to get your attention. Overcome them with aggressive love. Both of you will enjoy it immensely.

Nov. 22–December 20.
Biggest is better if you can handle pressure. Now is a time to stockpile resources, as gifts and money seem to be common for some reason. An authority figure will be helpful regarding an important matter. Don’t be afraid asking for help. Placing trust in others is vital to staying ahead of the game.

Dec 21–Jan 19
Your self-image is not in lime with the common perception others have. To garner favor with someone you care about, an adjustment may be necessary. Don’t compromise, but display things that matter the most on your sleeve. A work associate will extend an invite for getting more personally involved

Jan. 20–Feb. 18
An unlikely job opportunity will emerge, leaving much to be sorted out. Don’t fear taking time in making the right choice, and keep the future in mind. The best things come to those who wait, but don’t hesitate long regarding a financial matter. A good aim is vital to making the shots count, but choose a target first.

Feb 19–Mar 19
A truly bothersome family issue causes confusion. A clear head is the best way to create a clear path, so take some time to adjust perceptions. Supportive friends are there, but don’t ask more of them than they can handle. It’s a delicate time, but you have the power to making everything flow better. Stay focuse. Q

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