Letters: Which god do LDS leaders listen to?

Now that we know that the cruel treatment of the children of gay couples by L.D.S. leaders is really not the fault of those leaders. God himself is being blamed. If this is the god of the Old Testament, I’m not at all surprised. The “old” god advised killing babies of the enemy tribe by dashing their little heads against rocks.

Then, Jesus of the New Testament, comes along and seems like a really nice guy. Seems like Jesus even liked little kids; Actually, Jesus seemed to like most everybody.

The Mormons are fond of espousing that they are all not only Christian, but actual saints of this belief system. Question: Which god told the L.D.S. leaders that it was okay to treat the children of gay couples so unkindly?

I do hope that the god who is advising current Mormon leaders wasn’t the same God who was giving advice at the Mountain Meadow’s massacre, where so many children were murdered.

When I had some questions for the late Apostle, L. Tom Perry, around some free speech issues, he told me that, “no one ever had the right to ever question any of the teachings of the leaders or any of the writings of the church.” Then he hung up on me.

Ted Ottinger
Taylorsville, Utah

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