QFitness: Consistency is key

As a health and fitness professional, my number one goal is to help my clients succeed. To do that, one of the most important things I do is promote consistency with healthy routines. These habits, no matter how big or small, add up over time if they’re done as regularly as they should be. I know it’s not new year’s resolution month at the gym anymore but the real changes in your life and health happen in the months after you stay consistent to the lifestyle changes you’ve made. I’d like to share some of the consistency rules that I make with clients in order to help them focus on what’s most important and not burn themselves out.

The first rule is to always exercise on Mondays. It’s not really that the day itself matters; it’s more that you start your week off in a way that’s congruent with your goals. This sets the tone for the rest of the week.

My second rule is to never take more than two days off in a row from exercising. This makes sure that your fitness goals are never too distant in your mind and schedule.

My third rule is that lapses in consistency aren’t the end of the world. If you miss a workout, or a meal, or eat something not on the meal plan, don’t throw in the towel. We’re all human and slip up, but it’s about minimizing those slip ups and maximizing the good things you’re doing for your health. It’s never too late to change habits and change your life.

Repeated action over time creates results, and fitness is no different. I hope these three basic rules can help newcomers and veterans alike in seeing more progress in your 2016.

Tyson Dayley

Tyson Dayley trains clients at the Sugar House 24 Hour Fitness by appointment. He is also available for private training in noncommercial settings. He can be reached at [email protected]

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