QScopes – February 2016

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ARIES: There is much confusion regarding matters of the heart. Sort them out and give someone close a lot of attention. Now is the time for new romantic encounters, or for revitalizing an old fling. Before getting involved with anyone, make sure they’re worth the effort. Nothing worthwhile is painful for long, including love.

TAURUS: Never fear things that can’t hurt you. A workplace conflict might weigh heavy on your spirits, so consider looking for a change of scenery. A particular problem may emerge by trying to sweep a problem under the rug. Don’t worry about hurting a work associate’s feelings, because they don’t have any to bruise.

GEMINI: Don’t let a distraction prevent the accomplishment of a goal. Duties are plentiful but payoffs are lacking. Examine the incentives of accomplishing individual tasks, especially with friendship matters. Most burdens are manufactured by other people. Put yourself first for a change and unload the pressures bothering you.

CANCER: The moment boredom sets in, take a time out and do adventurous things. It doesn’t have to be elaborate for the simple things in life matter most. With the ongoing drama regarding a family member or loved one, finding pleasure is often vital to avoid going insane. Put crazy on hold, hold on tight, then enjoy the ride.

LEO: When things get tough, don’t fear taking a more aggressive approach. You’ve never been one to sugarcoat opinions. The current trend of close friends taking advantage requires a bitter dose of truth. The future looks bright regarding career, so don’t let anything prevent expanding opportunities from reaching max potential.

VIRGO: Where things end up with a friend is in your court right now. Use wisdom and try laying low when things get intense. Sometimes the simple methods are the most advantageous, especially when much is at stake. Financial matters are going better than expected, so celebrate the victories to brighten the mood. Smile Virgo!

LIBRA: Reaching for something out of bounds may require the help of a partner. Every bit helps so don’t balk at small advantages. Romantic times are in store during this time. Enjoy time with a lover or partner, and forget about distractions. You may find there’s more advantage to intimacy than once realized. Don’t hold back now.

SCORPIO: A hopeless cause is simply a lesson in what not to do. Once learned, move on and try something else. Make a good memory to replace a recent bad one. Spend time doing an enjoyable hobby. While interests are varied, your attention should be aimed toward an immediate interest. Expect a surprise from a family member.

SAGITTARIUS: The best bet right now is to place no bets at all. A key development is so up in the air, predicting the outcome would be totally pointless. Focus on what is in front of you now, take care of family matters and get finances in order. While the desire to be in control is admirable, it is limited. Take charge but know the limits.

CAPRICORN: Ever feel that you only obtain what is desired after it is no longer wanted? This pattern in life will be very apparent as a long sought after job or relationship will become available after moving on. Don’t fret, because what has been gained is truly better than what was missed. Remember, things are good now.

AQUARIUS: In regard to money, a matter of coincidence will provide results seemingly too good to be true. Accept good fortune with caution but feel safe taking as much as you need. The path to happiness is paved with self-expression, so find a creative outlet during this time. Invest in the future, not with money, but kindness.

PISCES: A scandal involving someone else will somehow engulf you. Though it wasn’t welcome, the resolution of this entanglement will end with favorable results. A workaholic associate could be annoying, but focus and everything will turn out great. Complications are created by simply minds with muddled ideas. Ease up.

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