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Worth the Weight Wait

One of the most common stumbling blocks that I see as a fitness professional is setting realistic fitness goals and timelines. This is especially common with weight loss goals. The Biggest Loser shows people losing over 5 pounds per week for several weeks. Expecting those types of pounds to be lost, much less keeping it off, is unrealistic. That’s why people that see weight loss results through very extreme, rapid measures tend to gain back that weight very quickly after their spring break/wedding/class reunion is over and they aren’t starving themselves and doing hours of daily cardio anymore.

Our bodies don’t like rapid changes in their day-to-day function. Abrupt, drastic changes in daily calorie intake and exercise levels can create a rebound effect. Even worse, this can slow down metabolism and make it easier to put on body fat. Smaller increment changes to your diet and workout routine will ensure sustainable, healthy weight loss.

So what’s a realistic pace for weight loss? How quickly is it okay to lose weight while expecting it to be sustainable.  Let’s look at it in terms of how much weight loss is needed.

  • 5–10 pounds: About 1 pound week
  • 10–30 pounds: 1 to 2 pounds per week
  • 30–50 pounds: 2 to 3 pounds per week
  • 50+ pounds: 3 pounds or more per week

Consult a doctor before starting any training program if you currently have any health problems due to being overweight.

I hope this helps in setting some goals for this year’s swimsuit season. Don’t be afraid to push yourself but never forget that this is about your long-term health and not just temporary results.

Tyson Dayley

Tyson Dayley trains clients at the Sugar House 24 Hour Fitness by appointment. He is also available for private training in noncommercial settings. He can be reached at [email protected]

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