QScopes – March 2016


Though it may not seem likely, a development is ready to cause an explosion of good fortune. Keep your chin high and be proud of an accomplishment. Try to understand where a friend is coming from when jealousy forms as a result. Share whatever info you can, though if you avoid unnecessary bragging, the better off things will be.


The launch of a new plan will go off without a hitch. However, challenges will come during maintenance of the creation. Whether it’s a business or creative project, don’t take your eye off the prize for long. An expected challenge will present itself in the form of an ally, only to later be revealed as a plethora of drama.


Helping a friend in need always brings rewards to both of you. This month will be a good time to remember this, as a difficult proposition could initially be a turn off. Get past a preconception and allow some give and take. Friends and family members are bound to create a lure in the form of a vacation or activity, so indulge.


Flipping into survival mode over little things is a bad habit that should be broken. Stop caring about the mild issues regarding friendships, and focus on business and financial matters. A slithering doubt could creep into you, but could be warranted. Even so, putting on a good face is vital to accomplishing your goals.


A dry spell is going to break, and a flood of ideas will take shape. Lift your spirits by getting involved with a good friend or lover in abundance. Romance is about to get hot and heavy after implementing a wild inspiration. The time for fun is now, Leo, and you’re party is just beginning. Don’t forget that you’re in charge of it.


Don’t fool yourself into thinking everything makes sense. By trying to fit all the facts into a smaller scope, the power of truth can be undermined. Instead, focus on one thing that matters, like a long desired career goal or cultivating a friendship. A surprise will introduce itself in the form of a lover or teacher. Embrace it.


Drop everything that creates chaos, even those things that are enjoyable. The need to regroup and focus on the present has never been so vital, especially with a close relationship. It is impossible to have everything, but obtaining something that means the world to you is the key to feeling satisfied. The simply things count.


An assumption of responsibility may warrant an exploration of your behavior. Don’t be hard on yourself and learn the lessons that come from a tough break. A co-worker or business partner could hurt you, but a healing period will quickly follow. Kiss and make up with those who care, and dismiss the ones who don’t.


Adaption is a vital component to existence, and you are feeling out of your element. The best strategy to cope is to change your attitude. Aim to please someone you care about, especially regarding romance. The reward will be abundant and plentiful. Take charge when duty calls, and everything will into place. Have faith.


A failure to comprehend the consequence of an action could be upsetting. Even so, there is a lesson to be learned, which can lead to satisfaction. With a blessing disguised as a curse, the temptation to make more mistakes is tempting. Don’t rock the boat too much. Forgiveness is easy the first time but second chances are not.


A problem in the workplace is eating away at your soul, but help is on the way. Avoid a frivolous confrontation and keep a low profile to allow your friend to do what is needed. When everything cool down, gratitude could be expected. Don’t be afraid to comply, but don’t compromise yourself in the process.


The final test of a friendship will leave you rejuvenated. Someone really loves you more than thought possible. A relationship or deeper friendship can happen, but don’t become dependent. Your ability to be self-determined defines your association. Give-and-take in a business matter and feel free to redefine ideals.

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