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Mr. Manners: Get the right person to perform your wedding ceremony

Marriage is a wonderful thing. As we take some time in March to focus on Weddings, I am sure that the thoughts of most couples are centered in the wardrobe and all the particulars of the wedding and celebration afterward. The ceremony is an opportunity to focus on the couple, and find a way that those in attendance can be reminded of the commitment and love the couple has for each other. There are so many different types of ceremonies it is hard to determine where to start. Choosing the officiate who will preside over the ceremony is something every couple must think about.  Getting someone to perform a gay wedding doesn’t have to be difficult, however it’s something to consider early. The officiate can make or break the ceremony.

To find the right officiate for a gay wedding ceremony, one only has to look at the faith of the couple before venturing forth. Couples might have to do a  search to find the right officiate, and the ceremony will not necessarily be “orthodox,”but it will be a ceremony to remember for the couple. For those couples who don’t subscribe to a single religion, have differing faiths, or are not religious at all, you can always ask a close friend or family member to officiate. 

There are many ways for people to become “certified” to perform marriages. I have friends who have undergone formal courses and others who have received online certification, but either way they are certified to perform the ceremony. I personally think that it adds something special to the ceremony to have either a friend or relative perform the ceremony. The ceremony is a change to tell the story of the couple, and having the right story teller is always key.

The best thing about gay weddings is that you are allowed or have the ceremony in any way which you prefer. It can be a truly formal affair or something avant garde. The only rule of thumb is that you keep it special for the couple being married. So, go forth and enjoy your happy day, making sure you find the right person to “seal the deal” and send you on your way as a new couple. 

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