QScopes – April 2016

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Add some spice to romantic activities. The funk you’ve been feeling is due to a lack of physical stimulation. Put your inner prude on hold and get involved with special individuals. A little twitch of devious thought is bound to inspire much needed action. Even if the thoughts aren’t there, the feelings will carry through.


The struggles of living with a burden will leave you breathless. Keep smiling, even if the desire to do so is lacking. Someone close is playing games. Recognize the signs and opt out. The only way to avoid losing in a game is to not play at all. Focus on challenging yourself to succeed instead. A lesson can be the best prize of all.


Self-imposed restrictions are good during a time of chaos. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to try everything, but sample good experiences instead of consuming too much. Your social life will get a boost from hosting a party with an open guest list. Being the star is the best way to be now, so shine. This is your time!


The frequent temptation for outbursts will become a theme. The last trait you want to be defined with is anger, but that’s bound to happen in a large circle of friends. Squash rumors by being kind. You don’t have to be a saint, but may find satisfaction in a friendly fetish for purity. Try playing an angel with a devil inside.


The desire to drive a point home will overshadow courtesy. As a result, a friend or partner could be deeply offended. Be careful and use tact to avoid confrontation. A long desired dream could come true, but be careful what is wished for. There is no such thing as gain without sacrifice, especially regarding matters of the heart.


It’s no secret that respect must be earned with you. A friend might surprise you by declaring how little it is required. The world is going to beat you down this month, but not all pain will be unpleasant. In fact, implementing saucy times in a relationship proves useful. Showing respect will be key in heated situations.


Show a loved one the true meaning behind an obsession. Whether your thoughts are stuck on an individual or an activity, there’s no denying that priorities have changed. Merging the old with the new will not be as easy as previously thought, so be willing to let go of some extra burdens. Stay focused and follow your gut on this.


Develop a bond with a close friend or lover. You’ll need their support if there’s any chance of getting past a bad patch. Reminders that life can be fun will emerge. The workplace has been unforgiving, so take time off if possible. It is a time to rest and renew, so do some mental housecleaning. Eliminate drama in your circles.


A logical explanation to an emotional problem will leave you unsatisfied. Embrace pleasure instead, and put aside what makes sense for a while. Friendships will flourish and finances will fall into place. Take note of a key witness to a pivotal moment in recent events. This person may care, but could also cause trouble.


The long road is not the one that stretches the farthest, but the one most dangerous to cross. An accident is inevitable if you don’t time your moves right. A setback could be devastating, and a loss of something important is not worth a rash move. Have faith that the right time will come to take action. Meanwhile, enjoy the break.


The flaming rage caused by a coworker is becoming a major problem. Instead of getting mad, enjoy some poetic justice. Give a lesson in a form of the irony you demonstrate best. Actions that would usually create division will create a strange sense of unity. A new life role emerges, making you both divider and provider.


In the river of life, many boats sail your way. A random meeting with a potential friend could pass if you don’t pay attention. A longing for stability is a goal in constant flux. Find the anchor in the arms of someone nice and enjoy romance. There’s nothing better than riding the waves of change with company.

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