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2016 FABBY Award Winners


Most Fabulous
Inexpensive Restaurant

Oh Mai

Sometimes you just gotta have a Bahn Mi for five bucks. And when you read a review like “Dear unborn baby Jesus, I just discovered the best Vietnamese food in the world, don’t ask questions take your hungry ass there ASAP!! You’ll thank me later,” ya gotta go to one of Oh Mai’s four locations in the valley and slurp some pho.

  1. The Other Place | 3. Spitz

Most Fabulous
After-Hours Cravings

Pie Hole

Every downtown dweller knows this (Pie) Hole in the wall, where you can stroll, stumble, or stagger after a night at the bar or club for delicious pizza-by-the-slice. Open until 3am on weekends (2am Sunday through Thursday), Pie Hole also offers whole pies and downtown delivery (including Avenues and Capitol Hill) for those nights when even stumbling and staggering are out of the question.

  1. Off Trax | 3. Alberto’s

Most Fabulous
Local Restaurant for Breakfast

Penny Ann’s

Rumor has it that Penny got her “Heavenly Hot Cakes” recipe from St. Peter himself. True or not, they’re aptly named, and great on their own or with any of the host of delicious sandwiches, skillets, omelets, etc. on Penny’s impressive breakfast menu.

  1. The Other Place | 3. Park Café

Most Most Fabulous
Vegetarian and/or Vegan


Whether you love vegetables or just tolerate them — or even if you’ve assiduously avoided them since that string bean incident when you were twelve — Sage’s thoughtful approach to plant-based cuisine will quickly win your heart (and your stomach).

  1. Zest | 3. Vertical Diner

Most Fabulous
Contemporary Restaurant


This new East Broadway hotspot is where all the hippest oysters from both East and West Coasts (and around the world) want to be. Enjoy the stunning contemporary styling and decor, but don’t let it distract you from the equally stunning interpretations of classic American seafood dishes (or landfood dishes, if that’s more your thing).

  1. Copper Onion | 3. Finca

Most Fabulous
in Park City

Wasatch Brew Pub

Appropriately perched at the tippy-top of Park City’s Main Street, Wasatch Brew Pub rises above the rest with a menu that somehow elevates pub food to haute cuisine. Complement your meal with one of Wasatch’s award-winning ales or lagers and bask in the old-timey saloon feel of this Park City favorite.

  1. High West | 3. No Name Saloon

Most Fabulous
in Ogden


Who would drive 40 miles for a cock? Any Salt Lake City resident who’s ever been to Rooster’s! Enjoy anything from a burger to a herb-crusted rack of lamb at Rooster’s, housed in a former Chinese-laundry-slash-brothel on Ogden’s historic 25th Street, and wash the meal down with one of their dozen unique craft beers.

  1. Two Bit Café | 3. Tona Sushi

Most Fabulous
Asian Cuisine

J Wong’s Bistro

East meets East in a melding of Chinese and Thai cuisines that draws on proprietor Jordan Wong’s family roots to create an innovative contemporary take on Asian Fusion. When the most common word on a restaurant’s review page is “Awesome!”, you know you can’t go wrong eating at Wong’s.

  1. Takashi | 3. Café Trang

Most Fabulous
Thai Cuisine


When Salt Lake City puts on its best Thai to go out for dinner, it goes to Sawadee. The authentic menu offers the best in traditional curries, stir-fries, salads, and soups, all served in generous portions at reasonable prices (especially the lunch specials!) in a relaxed, casual atmosphere (no tie required).

  1. Thai Siam | 3. My Thai

Most Fabulous
Mexican / Latin Cuisine

Red Iguana

Holy mole! Ignore the humble location and talk to the line of hungry Mexican cuisine aficionados wrapping around the building. Diez out of diez agree that you won’t find a better mole sauce anywhere in Utah. It’s definitely worth the wait (which, due to Red Iguana’s exceptional service, will almost certainly be shorter than you expect).

  1. La Fronterra | 3. La Hacienda

Most Fabulous
Mediterranean Cuisine


Mazza’s fresh, authentic take on Middle Eastern cuisine never fails to impress. Begin your meal with a starter sampler of baba ganooj , hummus, and labneh, then prepare to be blown away by the intense flavors of any of their kebabs, shawarmas, falafels, or other entrees. Complement your meal with a selection from the comprehensive wine list, which includes several Lebanese and Israeli choices.

  1. Café Med | 3. Spitz

Most Fabulous


Takashi is on a roll, topping this list once again — not surprising, given their innovative and contemporary take on Japanese cuisine. Choose from a varied menu of signature rolls, perfectly prepared with the freshest fish, and wash it down with a choice from Takashi’s broad selection of sake.

  1. Sapa | 3. Tsunami

Most Fabulous

Ruth’s Chris

Done right, the perfect steak becomes an almost religious experience. Which probably makes Ruth (who purchased the original Chris Steak House in New Orleans in 1965) something of a saint. Bring your appetite, because the high price of a meal is reflected in the massive portion sizes.

  1. Flemming’s | 3. Ruby River

Most Fabulous
Local Coffee House

Coffee Garden

If you prefer your morning caffeine fix to be made with quality beans and accompanied by a quintessential coffeeshop vibe, Coffee Garden is the place to go. Choose a pastry or sandwich from the display case, have the barista whip you up some caffeinated heaven, then kick back and enjoy.

  1. People’s Coffee | 3. Publik

Most Fabulous
Wine & Beer Selection

The Bayou

Do you have trouble making choices? Then you might want to steer clear of The Bayou, whose selection of over 300 beers can paralyze even the most decisive drinker (though there’s an app for that). The Cajun- and Creole-inspired menu will give you something delicious to nosh on while you deliberate between the Piraat Triple Hop and the Red Rock Elephhino.

  1. Squatter’s | 3. Beerhive

Most Fabulous
Burger Joint

Lucky 13

Quarter-pounders are for amateurs. The burgers at Lucky 13 start with 7 oz of chopped chuck, grilled to perfection. Choose from a variety of signature burgers, each carefully accessorized with both traditional (bacon, of course!) and non-traditional toppings (peanut butter on a hamburger? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!)

  1. Crown Burger | 3. Tony Burger’s


Most Fabulous

Even Stevens

Gourmet sandwiches plus social responsibility? Yes, please. Buy salad or sandwich (try the “Do Gouda!”) and they’ll donate food worth an equivalent amount to a local nonprofit dedicated to serving our community’s hungry. The ingredients are fresh, the combinations are inspired, and the warm fuzzies are priceless.

  1. Moochie’s | 3. Robin’s Nest

Most Fabulous

The Pie

Cheese makes everything better. We all know this. It stands to reason that more cheese makes everything more better, which might explain how The Pie Pizzeria has been winning hearts for decades. The thick layer of gooey mozzarella on a Pie pizza is part of the perfect balance of crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings that makes The Pie a consistent Fabby winner.

  1. Settebello | 3. Pie Hole

Most Fabulous


Let’s play word association. I say “French”, you say … “pastries”, of course! And if you appreciate pastries, you’ll definitely appreciate Gourmandise, whose very name means “indulging in good eating”. The cases of mouth-watering sweet and savory creations are nearly as much fun to look at as they are to eat. Don’t drool on the glass.

  1. Tulie | 3. Les Madeleine

Most Fabulous

Market Street

In the back wall of the walk-in cooler in the kitchen of Market Street Grill is a portal, which leads to a wharf on an undisclosed island where fishermen dock with their daily catches. Or at least I assume how the seafood is so fresh in a restaurant 700 miles from the nearest ocean.

  1. Current | 3. Oyster Bar

Most Fabulous

Café Rio

This isn’t the first year this Mexican(-ish) food chain has won this award. When Sweet Pork Barbacoa and Creamy Tomatillo Dressing join fresh lettuce, cheese, beans, rice, and salsa, something magic happens.

  1. Red Rock | 3. The Dodo

Most Fabulous
Sunday Brunch

Drag Brunch

An astounding success only three months after its launch, Salt Lake City’s Drag Brunch at Club X lets you enjoy a handmade omelette while you sip mimosas out of a pitcher and enjoy performances from our amazing local Queens. What’s not to love?

  1. Grand America | 3. Little America


Most Fabulous
Gay Bar


Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. Try-Angles is that place, and it consistently earns its place as a foundation stone for the local gay community.

  1. Jam | 3. Sun Trapp

Most Fabulous
Gay-Friendly Straight Bar

Piper Down

Dollar mimosas at Sunday brunch. How much more gay-friendly can you get?

  1. Tavernacle | 3. Bar X

Most Fabulous


If you like to sing, or like to listen to others sing, or like to drink to make others’ singing tolerable, head to the Tavernacle on Sunday or Tuesday night (or try their Bingo Karaoke on Monday!)

  1. Jam | 3. Try-Angles

Most Fabulous
Bar to Watch Sports


Walk into Lumpy’s, and you might wonder if you’ve wandered into a TV showroom by mistake. TVs on every wall and in every booth mean you can watch ALL of the sportsing, at the same time.

  1. Legends | 3. Green Pig

Most Fabulous
Dance Club


Flashing lights. A sick beat. Plenty of alcohol, and sweaty, sexy, shirtless guys (on both sides of the bar!)… JAM is unquestionably the place to go when you want to get your dance on.

  1. Metro | 3. One80

Most Fabulous
Afternoon Crowd

Sun Trapp

Afternoon drinking is a chill affair, so where better to do it than Sun Trapp, where the bartenders and patrons alike greet you with a smile and a friendly hello?

  1. Try-Angles | 3. Piper Down

Most Fabulous


Great beer, great food, great brunch (with $2 mimosas or bloody marys)… Squatter’s has it all! Choose from a full menu of craft brews to complement your meal, and take home a growler of your favorite!

  1. Red Rock | 3. Epic

Cheapest Drinks


Not the only reason they won “best gay bar”, but…

  1. Sun Trapp | 3. Cheers

Most Fabulous
Friday Night


Ease into the weekend.

  1. Sun Trapp | 3. One80

Most Fabulous
Saturday Night


Dance the night away.

  1. Try-Angles | 3. Sun Trapp

Most Fabulous
Sunday Night

Sun Trapp

Recover, so you can do it all again next week.

  1. Try-Angles | 3. Jam

Most Fabulous
Monthly Bar Event

blackBOOTS @ Try-Angles

CODE Night at Try-Angles is presented every fourth Friday by blackBOOTS, Salt Lake City’s leather/fetish/gear community. Free admission if you’re in gear, $2 cover if you’re just there to see other guys in gear.

  1. Drag Brunch | 3. Leather & Gear Might @Try-Angles


Most Fabulous
Local Visual Artist

Cat Palmer

Cat’s photography consistently expresses themes of feminine empowerment, confidence, hope, an beauty. She has won several awards and her work has been highlighted in dozens of publications.

  1. Sandy Parsons | 3. Trent Call

Most Fabulous
Local Dance Company

Ballet West

Established in 1963, Ballet West brings a diverse repertoire of ballet to the Utah audience.

  1. SB Dance | 3. Ririe Woodbury

Most Fabulous
Local Theatre Company


For 45 years, Salt Lake Acting Company has produced seasons of provocative and thoughtful theater for an open-minded and adventurous audience. Perhaps best known for its annual production of Saturday’s Voyeur, SLAC is dedicated to supporting the community through theater.

  1. Plan B | 3. Pioneer Theatre Co

Most Fabulous
Art Gallery or Museum


Founded in 1931, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Salt Lake City (adjacent to Abravanel Hall) houses art exhibitions that encourage exploration, imagination, and careful thought.

  1. UMFA | 3. Utah Natural History Museum

Most Fabulous
Local Play or Musical of 2015

Saturday’s Voyeur

This annual lampoon of local life, religion, politics, and culture has become a fixture in Salt Lake City theater. Sometimes poignant, often raucous, and always hilarious, Saturday’s Voyeur provides a welcome opportunity for Utah liberals to laugh at the frequent absurdity of life here.

  1. Climbing with Tigers | 3. Book of Mormon | 4. The Kreutzer Sonata

Most Fabulous
Local Musician or Band

Joshua James

Based in American Fork, Joshua James is the kind of singer that will give you stink face. In a good way. His raspy voice treats his folk-inspired music to a T. If you’re not listening to him, start.

  1. Royal Bliss | 3. Neon Trees


Most Fabulous
Local Shop for Budget Fashion


Love fashion? Hate spending money? Check out iconoCLAD, where you can get fashion-forward “previously rocked” clothes at a fraction of retail and locally created art and accessories.

  1. Uptown Cheapskate 3. Pib’s Exchange

Most Fabulous
Local Shop for High-End Fashion


High-end doesn’t need to mean high-priced. The styles you find at Spark in Trolley Square would be at home in the hottest clubs in Berlin and Amsterdam, but Spark’s buyers seek out affordable lines from smaller designers — and they order in small enough quantities that you can be pretty confident that you’ll be the only one in the club rocking that amazing mesh tee with leather shoulder patches.

  1. Now & Again | 3. Decades

Most Fabulous
Underwear Selection


Nothing boosts confidence like a sexy pair of underwear. Even if nobody sees them, you know how hot you look when the clothes come off. There’s no better selection of hot briefs, trunks, g-strings, and jock straps than at Spark, with its racks and racks of fashion labels like Andrew Christian, N2N, Cell Block, Nasty Pig, Papi, and Diesel.

  1. Mischievous | 3. Cockers

Most Fabulous
Local Shop for Shoes


Oh… did we mention the high-end shoes? Watch heads turn as you sashay down the street in the sexiest footwear this side of Milan.

  1. Iconoclad | 3. Fice

Most Fabulous
Local Shop For Drag Attire


It’s possible that the shop was named Decades because that’s how long you could spend browsing the racks upon racks of vintage dresses, gowns, skirts, slacks, blazers, coats, shoes, gloves, hats, and accessories… But more likely the name refers to the fact that you’re bound to find something incredible from ANY decade in the last hundred-plus years. With such an abundance of vintage fashion literally at your fingertips, drag glamour becomes almost too easy.

  1. Spark | 3. Savers

Most Fabulous
Local Book Store

King’s English

Tucked away in the charming 15th & 15th shopping district is a FABBY little store … a warren of shelves and rooms stacked with books on any and every subject: romance novels, philosophical tracts, histories, cookbooks… if you can’t find it here, you don’t need it. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they clearly love books at least as much as you do.

  1. Sam Weller’s | 3. Ken Sanders

Most Fabulous
Consignment Store For Furniture

Now & Again

Who hasn’t wished they could be Don Draper? He looks amazing, lives in a world of pristine design and style, and drinks whiskey all day at work. Make that dream a reality at Now & Again with it’s amazing selection of pre-owned 50s–70s atomic, retro, modern, mid-century modern, and Danish furniture, art, and accessories. Add the final Don Draper touch with a selection of vintage cocktail and barware (for your 10am Old Fashioned).

  1. Mod A-Go-Go | 3. Emilie Jayne

Most Fabulous
Antique Store

Now & Again

Sure, kids these days think Mid-Century Modern qualifies as “antique”, and Now & Again has MidMod in spades… But their selection goes back further too, and a discerning antique shopper should definitely be stopping in at least weekly to see what new treasures await discovery.

  1. Capital City Antique Mall | 3. Home Again

Most Fabulous
Flower Shop

Art Floral

Family owned and operated for two generations, The Art Floral puts Mother Nature to shame with their stunning arrangements. When you want to say it with flowers, nothing will get your message across better than an arrangement from The Art Floral.

  1. Twigs | 3. Especially For You

Most Fabulous
Local Shop For Jewelry

Charley Hafen Jewelers Gallery

This tidy remodeled former grocery store on 1100 East houses one of the Intermountain West’s finest jewelry artists — Charley Hafen. Stop in to browse the ready-made, artisan jewelry he has on hand, and the walls of art from local artists. And when you need something truly special, you’ll have the noteworthy experience of consulting with Charley as he crafts you a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

  1. Stroud Jewelers | 3. Dancing Crane

Most Fabulous
Gift Store


While you’re sipping your latte from Coffee Garden (see “Best Coffee Shop”), stop in next door and browse one of the most eclectic selections of gift items you’ll ever find, from the charmingly innocent to the shockingly risqué. There’s something for everyone on your gift list, whether you’re looking for art, decor, cocktail accessories, gag gifts, greeting cards, or “toys” of a particularly adult nature.

  1. Cabin Fever | 3. Tabula Rasa

Most Fabulous
Adult Toy Store


You know you’re in for a treat when you approach the pink-and-purple-striped storefront, and you’re not disappointed when you step inside. The walls upon walls of silicone, steel, and glass can be a little bit intimidating to the sexually timid, but the knowledgeable and friendly staff can quickly put you at ease and direct you to whatever flavor of adult fun you might be looking for.

  1. Blue Boutique | 3. Cahoots


Most Fabulous
Hair Salon

Nick James

Nick James is as good at what he does as he is cute. And that’s damn cute. He is one of the only American Board Certified Hair Colorists in Utah, and combines world class hair cutting education from the biggest names.

  1. Lunatic Fringe | 3. Salon Nv

Most Fabulous


If you have ever attended a fancy fundraiser or meet-and-greet put on by someone in the local LGBT community you have almost certainly enjoyed the culinary art created by Le Croissant Catering. This family team knows how to make your event the talk of the town, and the only thing that keeps their exquisitely presented food from being too beautiful to eat is that it’s too delicious not to.

  1. Harry-It Winston | 3. Cuisine Unlimited

Most Fabulous
Tattoo/Piercing Parlor


Conveniently located across from Library Square, just a few doors down from the Pride Center, Cathedral Tattoo is home to a number of incredibly skilled artists who create masterpieces of ink on skin. Walk-ins are welcome, so you can stop in today and walk out with a new piece of beautiful art to wear forever!

  1. Good Times Tattoo | 3. Koi

Most Fabulous
Counseling Service

Pride Counseling

Jerry Buie has been providing counseling services to LGBT community for over a decade. “Gay clients should not have to educate their therapist about their mindset or validate their lifestyle,” he says on his website. This is probably one of the reasons he’s won a FABBY in this category for as long as there have been FABBY Awards.

  1. Utah Pride Center | 3. Simple Modern Therapy

Most Fabulous
Pet Groomer

Teacup Nannies

Sharon Foster is a small-dog whisperer. If you have a “trouble” dog that has had problems getting groomed, she’s your girl. She doesn’t kennel or cage. She doesn’t believe in sedation. She just knows how to get a dog to love and trust her enough to let her do a great grooming job. She also gives back to the community in a big way!

  1. Shelby Gustin | 3. The Dog Show | 3. Pawhill Pet Spa

Most Fabulous
Real Estate Agent

Babs Delay

Babs has helped build this community since the 70s and continues to do so today. She has been in real estate for over 40 years and owns Urban Utah Homes and Estates and is now chair of the Downtown Merchants Association. Babs’ core value is “It’s not what my city can do for me, it’s what I can do for my city!”. JFK would be proud.

  1. Kelly Favero | 3. Dawn Houghton

Most Fabulous

Kura Door

Once again, this holistic Japanese spa sweeps this category with its eight different kinds of massage, including four-hands and hot-stone. Faaaahhhhhbulous.

  1. Elements | 3. Massage Envy

Most Fabulous

Chris Wharton

Chris donates much of his time to helping build this community and representing those who may not have the resources to do so themselves. He was president of the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah Student Bar Association and managing editor of the Journal of Law and Family Studies. Chris helped lead a team of attorneys that submitted a brief of amicus curiae (or “friend of the court” brief) to the United States Supreme Court, arguing for equal treatment of LGBT families under the law.

  1. Danielle Hawkes | 3. Lauren Barros

Most Fabulous

The Joint

In just a few short years, The Joint in Sugarhouse has become a major part not only of the LGBT community, but of the larger Sugarhouse/SLC area. Sugarhouse is a better place because of owner James Adelman’s leadership in its business and cultural community. It’s a formula that works —The Joint in Sugarhouse has been one of the top locations in a nationwide franchise.

  1. Bradley Anderson | 3. David Thompson | 3. Ogden Chiropractic

Most Fabulous

Cat Palmer

Cat Palmer developed her insatiable romance with photography at 15 years old against the backdrop of LA with its racial divides, cultural diversity, and economic inequality.

  1. David Daniels | 3. David Newkirk


Most Fabulous
Social Group


Barely a year old, blackBOOTS has taken control of the local leather/fetish community and shown it who’s boss. With monthly meetups (in a secret clubhouse, no less), sponsored gear nights, fetish gear swap meets, and educational events, blackBOOTS has something to offer everyone from the vaguely curious to the trussed, gagged, and blindfolded. Find the group on Facebook.

  1. Matron’s Of Mayhem | 3. Men Who Move

Most Fabulous
Political Group

Equality Utah

If you think the fight is over, turn on the news and listen to the radical right try to undo everything this community has won. Equality Utah is staffed by very capable people who work tirelessly for us.

  1. Utah Stonewall Democrats | 3. Restore Our Humanity

Most Fabulous
Health Group

Utah AIDS Foundation

31 years of fighting the good fight to help our community rspond to HIV/AIDS.

  1. Planned Parenthood | 3. Utah Pride Center

Most Fabulous
Religious Organization

First Baptist Church

Everyone is welcome here. Probably the most Christian church in the valley, in the way they treat everyone. What would Jesus do? Go to First Baptist.

  1. Atheists Of Utah | 3. Mormons Building Bridges

Most Fabulous
Sports Organization


If it swims like a duck… it probably swims with the Queer Utah Aquatic Club (QUAC). Meeting three times a week at the Fairmont Aquatic Center, QUAC offers lanes for everyone from beginners to mermen (and maids). The QUAC swim and water polo teams have participated in international meets and matches, and their speedo-clad swimmers are always one of the highlights of the annual Utah Pride Parade in June.

  1. Pride Softball | 3. Q Kickball

Most Fabulous
Radio Station


Surprise! X96 and Radio from Hell win this category… again. Keep on doing what you do, guys!

  1. KRCL | 3. KUER


Most Fabulous
Leader Of A Queer Organization

Michael Sanders

Sanders was a readers’ choice for QSaltLake’s Person of the Year not only because of his efforts with blackBOOTS, but because of his leadership in the community on important issues.

  1. Michael Aaron | 3. Carol Gnade

Most Fabulous
Local Politician

Jim Dabakis

Utah politics can be maddening sometimes, but residents of the state’s 2nd senate district (and by extension, the entire state) can always be assured of at least once voice of sanity, thanks to Jim. Follow him on Facebook for frequent updates (and an occasional diatribe) on the workings of our political machinery.

  1. Jackie Biskupski | 3. Rebecca Chavez Houck

Most Fabulous
Local Actor Or Actress

Alexis Baigue

Cute as a button and with more spunk than a kitten.

  1. Charles Lynn Frost | 3. Deena Maria Manzanares

Most Fabulous

David Willeitner

Always with a smile, Try-Angles’ David Willeitner is as efficient as he is friendly. Just dont piss him off when he’s wearing a wig.

  1. Johnny Harris | 3. Michael Elliott

Most Fabulous
Local DJ

Robbie Rob

Robbie Robb is a real estate agent by day, ripped DJ and bar promoter by night. Check his beats at dj-robbierob.podomatic.com

  1. Justin Hollister | 3. Dj Shutter

Most Fabulous
Local Radio Personality

Doug Fabrizio

Doug Fabrizio is loved by this community not only because he’s easy on the eyes (and ears), but he’s intelligent, witty and a frequent host of GLBT-related shows and fundraisers.

  1. Bill Allred | 3. Kerry Jackson

Most Fabulous
Television News

Fox 13

This award travels between 13 and 2 each year, and seeing who won Most Fabulous Anchor and Reporter, you can guess why it’s in 13’s pocket this year.

  1. KUTV | 3. KSL

Most Fabulous
Television News Reporter

Ben Winslow

The hardest-working television news reporter in the state is once again rewarded for his efforts with a Fabby award. Find him in August at the Utah Pride Golf Classic, where he will be sipping bloody marys in his golf cart. We have yet to see him with golf club in hand…

  1. Big Buddha | 3. Aldo Vazquez

Most Fabulous
TV News Anchor

Hope Woodside

Hope Woodside wins yet again… Could it have anything to do with the fact that she has attended the Fabby Awards for many years now? Or maybe it’s just that she’s gorgeous and charming, with impeccable style. Oh, and she’s a phenomenal news anchor. I bet that’s it.

  1. Mary Nichols | 3. Shauna Lake


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