QScopes – May 2016

The insanely busy times will leave you breathless and satisfied. Pressure builds between friends and, when it blows, will seem strangely invigorating. Though conflict is common in life, it often comes when least expected. Take a moment to determine where key friendships go from here. The future is delightfully uncertain now.

While there are no guarantees in life, focus on established truths to provide comfort during a rough time. Many changes at home or work comes fast and loose, which is not preferred. Don’t face challenges alone if possible, and try to be flexible when dealing with others. Enjoyable times will come when reality seems twisted.

A moment will come when you decide someone is too much effort to deal with. Do not fear letting go for a while. If this person really means something, reconnection will happen. Otherwise, enjoy the freedom and independence. A long forgotten passion will re-emerge in the form of a lover, game, or pastime. Have fun, Gemini!

The road to happiness can be a solitary one, and one you must travel. Through the good times, there have been annoyances in the form of obligation. Spend time alone and work out priorities. A friend will ask for favors. Don’t get drawn into a dramatic situation. While helping isn’t completely discouraged, it should be truly limited.

The rules you follow will seem to disappear as celebratory events become more common. Have a good time, but be aware that most everyone is doing his or her own thing. The best course of action is to do the same, and stop worrying about everyone else. While being a leader is second nature, it will feel good to let go sometimes.

The ability to feel satisfied is elusive right now. This is a time to check on your health and mental state. Both have experienced some strain lately. Go easy on cheap tricks, which provide temporary relief but rotten feelings in the long term. It’s not easy to strive for long-term goals, but baby steps could prove remarkable easy to take.

The hardest part of being a mentor is teaching something you don’t understand. It may be necessary to send friends or loved ones on their own path, and guide only when things get a little rough. There could be instances where work and family life don’t seem to balance. Cater to individuals who care, those who know the real you.

Defy odds and seek out learning opportunities. Do not invite danger, but simply re-exam the limitations you have placed for yourself. The road less traveled may turn out to be the easier path to follow right now. Take a chance and get involved with some new groups. The associates who matter will always be there for you.

Striving for perfection will only lead to higher recognition of meaningless flaws. A person of interest isn’t perfect, but have the most to offer in matters of the love. Give in to temptation and allow the heart of enjoy some passion. Losing the ability to feel is a real possibility right now, so take action to avoid it. Deep love is the best kind.

You will find friends in strangers, and strangers in friends during this time. A mild crisis in life can reveal the true nature of those around you. Take solace in the fact that something slippery is not meant to be held tight, but simply stroked. Attachment is healthy if the end result is something pleasurable. Be adaptable and flexible.

Work will start to seem dull, leading to the desire to find a new career. Tread carefully in this quest, and explore all possibilities. Enlisting is easy, but commitment is hard. Don’t jump until you are ready. What matters is making time for friends and family, so take that into consideration. A dream job may come at too high a cost.

The battle between thoughts and emotion is not something everyone understands. The warmth of dependency is easy to crave, but not always easily satisfied. Indulge lightly in the company of others, but be sure you feel good on your own first. Placing trust in others feels unwise, and with good reason. Betrayal is possible right now.

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