Sexual assault in college

I walked into the office of Dr. Kristjane Nordmeyer, Ph.D., in Westminster College’s Forester Hall on the afternoon of July 5, 2016, to catch up with a mentor and friend. As we spoke, she said that she had an appointment with Nicole Bedera, a doctorate candidate in sociology at the University of Michigan, and a Westminster College alumna to work on their new research project.

A team of researchers in the sociology department at Westminster College is conducting research on lesbian and bisexual women’s experiences with sexual assault in college. To be eligible for the study, you must have been sexually assaulted while enrolled as an undergraduate student at a four-year college or university within the past 10 years. Participants will complete a short survey and a one-hour interview and will be compensated for their time with a gift card. If you are interested, please contact Kristjane Nordmeyer at [email protected].

According to Bedera, the lead researcher, sexual violence against bisexual women occurs more often than to either heterosexual or homosexual women according to currently available publications. Both women spoke enthusiastically about having an ethical research model for this sensitive topic. Bedera described the need for this to fill gaps in available academic research on sexual violence against non-heterosexual women. She also acknowledges that there is a need to study other instances where sexual violence against non-heterosexual, cisgender women. She describes the current study as part of a bridge to study these other topics.

Nordmeyer and Bedera also spoke about how they met and worked together while Bedera was an undergraduate.  She described Nordmeyer as a teacher, mentor and friend. The relationship grew during various courses in sociology and gender studies. Bedera has been addressing issues of sexual violence working with the Rape Recovery Center and as a student while speaking and writing about the topic regularly.

If you qualify for this study please contact Dr. Nordmeyer at the above address. You will help expand knowledge of the subject.

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