QScopes – August 2016

There doesn’t seem to be a break in the action. A need to slow things down is blocked by a desire to keep momentum. Let your gears cool down for a bit, even if it means putting people on hold. The last thing you need is intense friction, though there could certainly be a need for it soon. Indulge in much needed romance, Aries!

Reflection and nostalgia are deeply consuming your thoughts and feelings as of late. The past almost means more now because of a strange change in a very personal relationship. No matter what the past holds, the future is bound to disappoint. To keep expectations low is not always wise, but sometimes needed for survival.

Seek out an old time friend in order to clear up an old argument. Truth is bent with the lens of time and memories change. Be open to morphing perceptions. Realize that truth is an asset. A relationship is suffering as a result of repeated antagonizing from both sides. It’s time to kiss and make up in the way you know best.

A work associate is bound to come up with an amazing idea, so pay attention. While a dependency on others isn’t common for you, seeing benefit in conflicting ideas has always kept you grounded. Trying turning a foe into an ally to see the world from a new point of view. No one is inherently bad by simply seeing things differently.

Put trust into a respected acquaintance. Much can be discovered from this person. Gain some levity in a work position and gain favor with the boss. It may not be the most dignified thing to do, but it will help a great deal. Everything is merging into one big opportunity, so keep an open mind and smile. Things will work out.

The desire to be content is difficult to fulfill. You set the bar high, but only because much is expected from friends and family. But what matters to you doesn’t always matter to them. Back off from someone who needs space. It’s likely you need space too. Grow from experiences, and the world will seem brighter as a result.

Whoever said that life was easy clearly lived a simple one. Take time to eliminate the impossible and streamline everything. It’s time to ease up on expectations. Have fewer but better friends, and find a career that works for you. Act now while things are lowbrow, because the future is bound to become chaotic for you soon.

Focus energy into a personal relationship. Romance and spirituality don’t need to be exclusive. A highly enlightened person will touch you in ways never thought possible. Clear the schedule to spend more time with them, but be careful of being too obsessed. While there is much to gained, there is a risk of losing yourself.

Flow from one moment to another like a boat in a river. Don’t spend too much time on one project and keep interests varied. This will not only prevent boredom, but agitation. Look deeper into finding truth behind a nagging problem, and nip it in the bud. People can often get in your way, so to take a different path sometimes.

The best solution to dealing with a nagging associate is to nag back. It’s all about give and take, and it is better to give rather than receive. Let logic and reason be a weapon that provides an ending to this irritating co-worker’s interruptions. A mission requires much effort, but the real question is whether it matters at all.

You like it rough, but things are a little over the top right now. Despite a temptation to flee, the best bet is to standby and let mild problems fade. Don’t fear eliminating a relationship that isn’t doing much for you, especially if it is all drama. There is so little time and caring wasted on something so frivolous as the issues of others.

A close friend or lover may find you overbearing. It might be wise to back off, but stay in contact with them. They might simply be oversensitive to your direct way of doing things. A substantial pay off is very probable and bonding with this person could be life changing. The best that could happen is yet to come so keep positive!

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