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The season of the Big Gay Fun Bus erects, for the lack of a better term, with the Halloweenie Fun Bus … what are we in, the fourth grade? Is this based on the homoerotic book Michael Aaron and the Sleepy Halloweenie? If so, it’s apropos! All aboard the Halloweenie!

15Saturday — Big Gay “Halloweenie” Fun Bus

West Wendover, NV, 12-9:30pm. Tickets $25, or available at Club Try-Angles, 251 W. Harvey Milk Blvd.


Many Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers fondly know and love the following artists. DiFranco is a multitalented singer-songwriter, musician, poet and activist for the LGBTQ community. She is in Salt Lake supporting her new album. To describe her in one term: She is righteous, babe! Ummm …  for you Millenials, that is a Baby Boomer term!

Also out on tour supporting a new album are Pet Shop Boys, a British pop duo with a long list of hits under their belt. Ummm … hey Millenials, check out “West End Girls” and “It’s a Sin,” two of my faves. You’ll be instant fans.

15Saturday — Ani DiFranco

The Depot, 400 W. South Temple, 9pm. Tickets $28 Adv/$35 Day Of Show,

22Saturday — Pet Shop Boys

The Complex, 536 W. 100 South, 7pm. Tickets $48 Adv/$53 Day Of Show,


The following event stinks of Joshua Jones’s doing — ballet to the music of Janis Joplin!?!!? Talk about a cheap thrill. Anyhoo, the performance will be high-energy, and who doesn’t like melting to a glistening ballet dancer.

14Friday — Piece of My Heart with Ballet West II

Jeanne Wagner Theatre, Rose Wagner Center, 138 W. 300 South, times vary, through Saturday. Tickets $29,


Michelle Williams (love her!), Laura Dern (love her!) and Kristen Stewart (hate her! Only because she’s had a vampire baby with Robert Pattinson.). Anyhoo, these actresses grace the screen together in a movie about … well, certain strong-willed women. Come on now, let’s just say it: They’re bitches! Don’t get your panties in a wad, ladies! Gay boys love bitchy gals, so this film should be a blockbuster hit.

28Wednesday — Certain Women

Broadway Centre Cinemas, 111 E. 300 South, times vary. Tickets $6.75-9.25,


Good grief, Parkites are so self-involved. They are revisiting 15 years of their lives through video clips, slides (look it up, Millenials!), and behind-the-scene narratives. It’s pathetic for sure, but also makes for a good, hearty laugh.

Heralded “a rock amalgam of the likes of Queen and Led Zeppelin” and “fabulously ghoulish,” Deep Love is … well, not gay porn. But funeral attire is encouraged and my closet is dripping with veiled black pillbox hats. Yay!

11Tuesday — Follies Rewind

Egyptian Theatre, 328 Main St, Park City, 8pm, through Wednesday. Tickets $35-55,

29Saturday — Deep Love: A Ghostly Rock Opera

Jeanne Wagner Theatre, Rose Wagner Center, 138 W. 300 South, 8pm. Tickets $15,


Gracing the Utah stages this month are our darkest fantasies coming to life … in Ogden, of all places; our provocative fantasies coming to life through a gypsy called Carmen; our sweetest fantasies coming to life through a “gentleman caller” (no, not off Grindr, horn dogs!!); our bloodiest fantasies coming to life about prom; and our insane fantasies coming to life about women being equals …pfft!! (Note: I’m voting for Hillary Clinton).

7Friday — The Nether

Good Company Theatre, 260 25th St, Ogden, times vary, through Oct. 23. Tickets $17 at the door

8Saturday — Carmen

Capitol Theatre, 50 W. 200 South, 7:30pm, through Oct. 16. Tickets $21-93,

21Friday — The Glass Menagerie

Pioneer Theatre, 300 S. 1400 East, Uof U, times vary, through Nov. 5. Tickets $25-49,

27Thursday — Carrie The Musical

Egyptian Theatre, 328 Main St, Park City, times vary, through Saturday. Tickets $14-19,

28Friday — Mary and Myra

Black Box Theatre, Rose Wagner Center, 138 W. 300 South, times vary, through Nov. 17. Tickets $20,


Nov. 4, 2016 RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 Winner: Bob The Drag Queen,

Jan. 19-29, 2017 Sundance Film Festival,

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