Looking good last minute

Fitness goals are often prefaced with an unrealistic time frame. The amount of frat guys asking about abs goes up exponentially as you get closer to Spring Break. Fortunately for the fitness industry and unfortunately for everyone else there are no miracle shortcuts to make you ripped overnight. But there are absolutely some tips to utilize last minute to ensure you look the best you can for your special occasions, especially if a fairly serious diet and exercise plan were already in place.

Two factors come into play when polishing off a physique before shirtless outings; carbohydrates and water. Short term, carbs affect how full or flat our muscles look.  Not enough and muscles won’t “pop,” too many carbs and “spilling over” occurs; carbs aren’t retained in the muscle but are between the skin and the muscle, making you look less lean. Just the right amount will make you pop but stay tight. A very basic way to accomplish this is by reducing your carb intake as low as possible for at least one day, about 3-5 days prior to the day you’re peaking for. Each day following that, add back about 25 percent of the carbs you would normally eat until you’re eating regularly.

Excessive water retention can make a physique appear less lean. It’s actually fairly simple to avoid. First, drink enough water everyday, starting right now. Plenty of health benefits and it will help your body regulate day-to-day water retention. Second, avoid high sodium foods the last days before your event.

This won’t take your god-like body from Buddha to Hercules but it can let you make the most of what you’ve worked for. Cheers to the end of pool season and the beginning of winter getaways!

Tyson Dayley

Tyson Dayley trains clients at the Sugar House 24 Hour Fitness by appointment. He is also available for private training in noncommercial settings. He can be reached at [email protected]

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