QScopes – October 2016

By Sam Kelley-Mills


A stranger will be a great help during an emotional crisis, and a new friendship will be forged. An intimate encounter is a good way to start, as it will clear tension before it can build. Be suspicious of those who gossip, as they are likely looking for things to use against you. Instead, place trust in those with fresh perspectives.


A temporary phase could mean doing things out of the ordinary. A relationship could be altered as a result, leading to some frisky times. There is a secret going around about you that is eventually revealed, which could be surprising, as it is about the way someone feels toward you. What you do with this info your choice.


No clear path for you can be laid by anyone else. The problem is that no path seems correct. Goals may have to be adapted to conditions. This doesn’t entail sacrifice, but modification. A long time dream is likely to come true, but prepare for the bad that comes with the good. If something seems too good,  it could be a trap.


The ability to feel deeply does not always make for good times. But considering what is felt during this time, enjoyment is bound to occur. The dynamic between pain and pleasure can lead to interesting combinations, like mixing sweet and salty. Try to enjoy work and loath your friends, just to keep things interesting.


The longer an important career task is put off, the harder it will be getting what you really want. A serious sense of despair is holding you down, but will pass by taking charge. Take the initiative. Help will come in the form of a family member who hasn’t always been reliable. Things will be different this time, so take the aid.


A dwindling desire to hang out with a good friend stems from a sense of boredom. This would be a nice time for diversity and trying something new. Apply for a different job or meet an online friend for the first time. Life is pretty good right now, but there’s always room for change and improvement. Go out and play!


Coming in second place at work could be upsetting, but don’t give up. The grass on the other side isn’t as green as it appears. Keep up with the here-and-now and the real opportunity will present itself. Feeling neutral is boring, but there is much to be said about growing with what you have. Work on making now the best.


Summer gatherings have left you worn out but social activities are far from over. Up the game when associating with friends and loved ones with high expectations. Keep the food and drinks coming and terrific conversations will lead to some of the best times of the year. The holiday season isn’t as far off as it seems.


A gift may not seem too wonderful now, but considering the current situation, it’s a vast improvement. Accept with gratitude, and better gifts are likely to come. Slide deep into a happy state and the troubles will be easier to deal with. This isn’t a great time in life, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for misery.


You may feel as though you’ve been forgotten by someone close to you. It may simply be that you’ve been laying low these days. Don’t be offended, but try to enjoy the break. Too much of this person may have gotten on your nerves more than you know. Enjoy going solo for a bit and discover the benefits of solitude.


A dry spell in creativity is discouraging, but this is simply the calm before the storm. An explosive period of artistic expression is around the corner, so lay low and prepare for the insane pace. Friends and family will likely be awed by your productions, so don’t let a disapproving voice deter you from continuing.


Decide on a course of action regarding a career goal and take the first steps. Starting out is hard but the rest come fast. Trying something new is a great way to motive. While much could go wrong on the path to a new you, the competition is incredibly light. Keep going and a knock out performance is guaranteed.

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