QScopes – November 2016


The closer you are to someone, the more likely becoming dependent will be. While friendship means togetherness, you could end up smothering certain people. Stay in check and have confidence. No one is running away, but some need more space. Take time off in order to keep friendships fresh and fascinating.


With an abundance of tasks to complete, the best method is to push like a boss! Don’t let distractions stump progress, especially when so much is at stake. A goal must be accomplished, but a sense of duty could be holding you back. Do the right thing, but don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions of others.


Nothing is more intrusive to you than bossy people. Even if good ideas come from them, an opportunity to learn could be lost. Don’t let pride stop you from learning. In fact, staying focused is the best way to demonstrate resolve and earn respect. While admiration isn’t required, it helps in boosting confidence.


A conflicting opinion has you questioning the validity of a deep seeded belief. Even if faith has not always been a trusted guide, it has never let you down. The best way to proceed is by prioritize beliefs that matter most, and stop worrying about the rest. The only true choice is whether to be good or delightfully bad.


Treasure could be found in someone you cherish very much. Love isn’t something that comes easily, but deep fondness can provide a lot of good times. The past has a way of conditioning, so learn to let go of methods that don’t work anymore. Fear and suspicion is a default position, but love is worth the risk.


Treading into a dangerous place isn’t normal practice for you. Even so, it may become necessary to explore a side of you that could lead to emotional pain. But the goal is to overcome that, and sometimes diving into hell is required to get past it. Only then will it become clear that change must be positive.


No one sets out to lose their mind, but some friends feel you’ve intended to do just that. Figure out what is troublesome and make changes. The hardest task is cutting things most cherished. But there is indeed a greener side to be found.  Stop settling for second best and enjoy by making some progress.


Take a break from the things you enjoy. The reset button of life is found inside you and it’s time to push it. There is a capacity to do some really great things, but it’s time to let go of some bad habits. A mental malfunction could be a real problem, so don’t try doing anything that could lead to embarrassment.


Something amazing is always on the horizon. It may grow tiresome waiting for life to get better, and there is a lot to enjoy right now. Take time with your family and friends, and the company will provide a path to feeling better. Stop the trend of waiting for tomorrow. Realize that today is actually pretty good.


Head toward a safe place and spend time with someone you love or trust. Family members aren’t the best ones to confide in now, so seek out objectivity. Everything you have worked for will either pay off big, or fizzle out in an instant. The result depends on your willingness to rely on logic and reason for a change.


Knock out important work and don’t procrastinate. It may seem tempting to put off a dreaded task, but a lot of distractions are headed your way. Sometimes the straight and narrow path is the correct one, but make sure you’re hitting the right target. There is a lot that can go wrong simply by not looking out.


The temptation to run and hide could be very strong. Anxiety runs high by caring too much. It is good to have empathy, but for your sake, identify whether you have the power to change things that are bothersome. If action is possible, take it. But realize that there are some situations that are bigger than your will.

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