QScopes – December, 2016

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The longer wait times experienced in everyday life seem to be a trend you can’t escape right now. No one is actually out to get you, but it is starting to feel as though they are. Learn how to be patient and savor the time it takes to get a task done. While rewards aren’t always a good motivator, a nice surprise is always welcome.


There comes a breaking point with someone you thought was a good friend. As it turns out, there are a lot of questions and not enough answers to go around. Learn to enjoy the mysteries of life and worry less about explanations. If the answers matter, they are easy to find. If not, then relinquish control and enjoy yourself.


Time is never on your side these days, and it appears that pressure is building in all the wrong ways. Try to stay ahead of the game and make sure to set the tone in your personal relationships. The harder things become, the less easy they are to take. The best way to deal with a relationship matter is to identify what both of you want.


You may start to wonder if feeling your way through everything is really the best way to live life. While it is great to experience a deep sense of place and time, there is also a lot in front of you that is being overlooked. Take a moment to see things at face value and try adopting a simple scope. There’s nothing wrong with easing up.


Look for inspiration in a likely place: a book! While it may seem like old-fashioned advice, there is much to learn by putting away the computer and gadgets and getting back to basics. Whether it is an old fashioned novel or a graphic display of the human body, nothing cures the blues than information that stimulates. Enjoy!


The past has a way of influencing a present decision, but it’s okay as long as you recreate rather than based a current action on past assumptions. The only way to gain a grasp a difficult personal matter is to realize that the rules have changed. If you don’t follow the new book, then mistakes are bound to happen. Tread carefully.


The ultimatums that others are giving you all the time are growing tiresome. Stop letting people tell you what to do, but realize they may simply be a reflection of their perception of you. A partner or lover is wanting more than you are willing to give at the moment, but it’s only because an enigmatic figure has you greatly intrigued.


Play fast and loose with a friend who shares a similar interest in a core aspect of your life. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of new connections being made with people these days, but it’s better to focus on quality rather and quantity. Hold tight and make good memories, because they will help you get past an upcoming trial period.


Align with a person who gives you strength and comfort. There is a lot of gossip going around, but much of it can be taken as a compliment. A reputation for being tough and controlling stems from your authoritative style. Show off a softer side and those who admire you will come flocking to help when you need them the most.


No one is really caring so much about your shortcomings, but you see them so clearly that it’s creating a sense of paranoia. Shake off the feeling and engulf in a bath of pleasure and new experiences. While it make take some time to shake a creepy feeling, focusing on what makes you happy is bound to take off the edge.


A recent change or development in your career is a great source of satisfaction. Enjoy the glow but don’t lose focus on the tasks at hand. There is a great burden lurking in the shadows, and it is growing at every moment. Don’t forget to maintain a healthy life/work balance or things could go spiraling out of control fast.


The current state of the world has become surprising troubling, and the more you try figuring things out, the less likely a big picture is to come together. Get your priorities straight and put the focus on a friend or family member who needs your help. While the world is indeed need of saving, you can’t do everything on your own.

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