Person of the Year – Misty Snow

This year we chose a local now known nationwide as the first trans candidate for the United States Senate. We chose her, not necessarily because she ran, but because she showed our community that a cashier from Taylorsville can make great change.

To us, a Person of the Year is an individual or group of people who make the greatest impact — for better or worse — on Utah’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and ally community.
We believe Snow’s impact was to instill hope and a sense of possibility into anyone who paid attention to the race.

To run against an incumbent senator, who has the power-brokers and money behind them, is to put yourself forth for judgment from the million-plus voters in the state. Not only did Snow do that, but she did it eloquently and with poise. She brought light to issues that are rarely spoken in a state where candidates of all sides attempt to show how conservative they are. Pay equity, marijuana legalization and clean air were issues brought by Snow to Utah voters — a feat in and of itself. To do so while being a member of a marginalized, misunderstood and much maligned community shows the stuff of a person of the year.

Comments from some of those who nominated her perhaps say it better than we can.

“She has shown not only the LGBT community, but all of Utah, that no matter who you are or what you think you can do you can always make a huge difference. Her running for Senate was a huge task to take on but she did it with grace and dignity. She is inspirational because she has inspired younger people to become more involved in local government and take control of what is important to you and your values even if they don’t match with “The Majority.”

“She is inspiring and courageous! Her campaign for Senator this past year proves that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can make a difference! She fought the good fight for the working class of Utah!”

“The most ordinary working person that took the risk to make herself visible and to let Utah know we are all capable of pitching in to our community and government.”

For giving our community, people within our community, and future activists the hopes and dreams that they, too, can do big things; and for doing so with dignity, QSaltLake declares Misty Snow as our 2016 Person of the Year. Q

Photo by Pamela Ann Berry

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