QScopes – January 2017


Take a pause during a heated argument for a moment of clarity. You always desire peace, but usually not in the form of tranquility. Never underestimate the power of keeping secrets, especially when it comes to dealing with a family member. There may not be a lot of drama right now, but a slow burn is likely to blow up soon.


Be a tad conservative in emotional investments. The cost a friend may be higher than it’s worth, but remember that loss can be liberating. The longer you wait to do something crucial, the more likely obligations are to build up. Find time to release and reload internally and the process will almost take care of itself.


New faces will appear as the career path opens. Multiple options are great but keep track of those you talk to. Nothing is more embarrassing than looking flaky. Don’t take a chance until all ducks are in a row. Aim high but recall that some of the best things are low targets. The simple pleasures are worthwhile and invigorating.


A timeline to completion looms so spend time wisely. Have a fallback plan but be ready to improvise if things go off track. The best way to get over a problematic person is to forgive and forget. A partner or family member wishes to spend more time, so include them on the schedule. It’s all about priorities right now.


It’s important to start fresh and let go of the past. While timing is subjective, there are practical reasons for heading in a new direction. An interactive demonstration at work will leave a wild impression, so be ready to consider all options. The tremendous work of others has a way of benefiting you. Show appreciation.


Gaining access to a once off-limits individual will be quite enjoyable. A relationship is a labor of love but include a little fun in romantic encounters. There are many different ways to play out a situation, so don’t be limited by a sense of structure. While the rules can be helpful, remember they are there to help, not to be served.


A friend is doing a lot of nice things, but seems to be keeping score over the tasks done. Show gratitude but don’t get trapped in a game that could ruin the friendship. New priorities could mean cutting back on time spent and the ultimate goal of this person could come to light. Don’t be surprised if disappointment awaits you.


Something seems a little wrong and it is hard to identify what. Break down and take out an ill-inducing element. This could be a person or habit. Whatever gets you down has to go. Spend time with someone special and take the relationship to a new level. By focusing on what really matters, unwanted elements are going to drop.


A timely input of information comes from a boss or personal idol. Take what is said to heart and don’t be quick to dismiss it in favor of a seemingly better option. There is no such thing as perfection, but flaws can be appreciated if the form of lessons. All information is power to be used. Don’t apologize for striving for a better life.


Keep the pressure off by getting a little dirty. Send the world a message and uphold a rebellious nature. Play hard but don’t let work suffer either. Finding that sense of purpose is always a factor, but let go of expectations in order to reaffirm them. A microscopic view can be blinding to the big picture you seek. Defy the irony.


A new phase could be starting in life and the timing couldn’t be better. Enjoy a shift in perception. Finances have been a problem lately, but a new option for finding stability will become clear. Take some time to explore what is possible and dabble in new things. Don’t let fear of failure be a detriment, but be careful all the same.


This could be a good time to teach others how to treat you. Don’t fear saying what you need but be willing to see the emotional side of others. While feelings define you, they are not your exclusive. Find a way to connect deeply with someone who seems more logical. Finding a compromise is the ultimate way to connect.

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