QScopes – February 2017


A profound change will come in the form of a relationship. There is much to discuss with this new person, leading to a strange sense of conformity. Only now will it become clear that adversarial attitudes have been normal. It is nice to have some cooperation for a change. Don’t cling too hard, but simply let everything flow.


Push to get things done, but only as hard as it is comfortable. The desire to finish a project is causing more dread than satisfaction. Accomplish something each day and progress with come faster than you think. A light workload provides extra time for activities, but don’t lose sight of vital tasks, which are hidden but not gone.


When creating something, it is easier to eliminate extra elements than not having enough to work with. Tasks have been going unfinished because there is more train than there is track. Don’t look for more track but shorten the train! While the analogy is sound, the real word is a little more complicated. Tread with caution.


Someone at work is bound to cause a problem, but keep in mind that it ultimately won’t affect you. There is a tendency to get wrapped up in an emotional crisis that doesn’t exist. Feel deeply but don’t get lost in thought. Don’t let drama distract from the main objectives and realize everyone else can see through the frenzy too.


Delve into the unexplored territory of submission. It isn’t easy letting go of authoritative tasks, but there comes a point where exhaustion is going to be a problem. Let someone else take charge for a bit. Enjoy the ride! Being equal is part of dealing with others and requires give and take, especially with a friend or lover.


Don’t forget a plan you once made for yourself. While life has provided many great options, a career or personal goal has become lost in the shuffle. Take time to examine priorities. Desires can change and there is nothing wrong with that. But be sure of what is wanted while proceeding further. There is a lot at stake right now.


Someone isn’t treating you well and diplomacy has allowed this to continue for too long. There is a time for compromise, but too much of it nullifies the intention. Demonstrate respect and stand up for what is really important. While a co-worker or friend may seem unreasonable, their shortcomings should not be your problem.


A certain aspect your financial situation will cause confusion. While responsibility has always defined your methods, there is always risk of messing up. Take charge of what is being done and don’t allow traps to lure you in. A personal issue is hampering key decisions. Put the problems to rest and don’t settle for second best.


Drop everything that matters and focus on the mundane. This isn’t a bad idea right now. Emotional baggage can cause real angst, especially when involving family. The best way rid tension is to eliminate the source, even for a while. Give a little to gain a lot. Remember that no one else really cares so why should you? Take a break!


The ground seems to be falling away. Stand firm and ride out problems, especially the little ones. Not every emergency is real, so stay centered. Life is a game, and sometimes losing can result in a big win later. A reward could come in the form of a new partner or loyal friend. Surprises are all part of the game, so stay strategic.


Judgments have been made about you by other people. It is time for change. Rid yourself of anyone who doesn’t create happiness and prosperity. Reward those who provide joy. Find a new job if the current one isn’t working out. Make some new friends. There is a lot to say for cleaning up and creating the life you really want.


Hate is an emotion you are feeling more than usual. An ex-partner or family member could be weighing heavy on your mind, and it might be time to confront the reasons why. There is a lot that can be learned from the past, especially when a present event is triggering memory. Figure out the lessons and become your own teacher.

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