March QScopes


While it might seem prudent to lash out, the best course of action is to maintain control. Look for alternative solutions to a problem. The give-and-take approach is the best one, leading to healing at core of an issue. Not everything that happens is within your control, but don’t neglect responsibility on your part either.


Demand attention from someone who should be giving more care to your needs. Whether it is a lover or a good friend, there has been a sense of dismissiveness that doesn’t sit well right now. This is a time when support is needed the most. Make it clear that anger doesn’t drive you, but a cry for help is being sent.


A poor substitute for a friend is bound to assert their presence hard and fast. Be aware their intentions may not be what they appear to be. It’s not wrong to spend time with them, but it may be cause for adjustments in your agenda. Find common ground or end the association completely. Don’t settle for less.


A strange feeling is hard to shake. It could be regarding a person or situation, so find the source to relieve anxiety. More likely than not, a work situation is causing a problem that isn’t fully recognized. Rest assured that everything is going better than it seems, and a good revelation is coming soon. Proceed with some faith.


Being assertive is part of your nature and reputation is important to you. There has to be some negotiation in business dealing. You can’t always get what you want, Leo! Someone is willing to open a path to getting a lot of goals accomplished, so stay focused. A little firmness goes a long way. Balance with kindness.


Stop being concerned over small stuff and eye a big prize. Truth can be found by simply seeing the obvious, especially in the words of someone close. A family member or partner is bound and determined to knock over a defensive attitude, but the real challenge they face is your unwillingness to compromise.


Temptation is in plain sight and could be driving you crazy. Indulge but don’t lose yourself in the good feelings. There can be too much of a good thing when distractions set the tone. Be prepared to show love and care for someone who might not deserve it. What you give will eventually return. Stay balanced.


Anyone who claims to know what’s best for you should be questioned. Stand up for what you believe in and don’t be intimidated, even by those who love and care about you. The worst thing you can do is give into intimidation. A career matter will put strain on a professional relationship, but it is a temporary setback.


A driving force of exhaustion will come in the form of a promise made in haste. Don’t be worried about revising an arrangement that is revealed to be unfair. There are bigger issues at stake, especially regarding your finances. Don’t sacrifice in areas that will ultimately support what you are currently building.


There is a puzzle that can’t be easily solved. Don’t get involved in a game but take measures to get finances and personal matters in order. There are complications demanding attention. Focus your attention on a singular task. Look inward to discover a power that you never even knew was there before.


Respect an elderly friend or associate and surprises may be in store for you. There are hidden gems in the world and wealth to go around. The lesson of a lifetime could be taught and yet overlooked if rebellion becomes your way this month. Despite temptation, there is nothing to be gained by allowing anger to flourish.


A partner or lover is going to ask for something not previously requested, leading to a need for exploration. Giving a piece of yourself away is never the easiest thing to do, but it’s important to share. Say goodbye to the past and prepare to reinvent yourself yet again. This is an amazing stage in your life right now.

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