April QScopes

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By Sam Kelley-Mills



The bright spot in life is your striving reputation for getting over a rough emotional patch. With an ailing obsession finally fading, it is a time to get into the swing of things and spread love in the world. Take time to write, paint, or share some amazing photographs. Whatever it takes to display your triumph, do it.



Get involved with a new object of affection. This is not the time to dismiss the feelings as a simply crush. Get in touch with your great capacity to love. A physical expression could seem extreme, but this will be an intense month, Taurus! No one will blame you for getting animated, especially since you’re often stiff.



Time is escaping faster than water fleeing a burst balloon. Things are going to seem messy so allow evaporation to filter out the things that don’t matter. A family member or friend is going through a tough time, so be there for them despite the chaos. Prioritize and don’t let frivolous demands distract from what matters.



Try blocking a problem before it begins and don’t fret when others have personal issues. Take care of business and work on money matters. There could be a hidden gem hiding in a pile of obligations, and the best way to find it is to let go of something. A distraction will come from friends taking life too seriously.



An important project will have you wondering what type of approach to take. Is it time to be funny and light, or is a professional, unbending approach the way to go? Find balance between the two, and allow your talents to shine through. Ask for help but don’t be afraid to assert authority when the final decision comes due.



It’s time to let the past go and worry about an emerging goal that has developed. A choice will create a conflict if a decision is not made. Trying to do it all could lead to nothing being accomplished, so figure out what is really wanted. Though your ability to be versatile is a trait, it might be better to concede to others.



Evidence could emerge that has you questioning the strength of a friendship. Some people are not worth fighting for. Learn to walk away. Gossip could be going around but don’t pay it any mind. Those who know you well won’t give it much thought. The true nature of an associate of family member could leave you shaken.



A sweet position could have you clicking your heels with joy. Relish the good news that comes when a long ordeal comes to an end. Everything will seemingly fall into place in both a professional and personal manner. Life will be going so well, it seems too good to be true. Enjoy the happy time because tragedy could strike later.



The next few weeks could be challenging but the career path will be a smooth and direct one. Zoom in on something you have wanted and it may lead to fruition. Be weary of a co-worker who is competing simply to make things difficult. Don’t fear calling them out on it, and put them in their place. Stand your ground!



Look good, feel good, and be good. It is all about appearances, and no one is going to take you seriously if you have a foul attitude. The best people in your life are family and friends, and they love the charisma you add to their lives. There could be disturbing forces coming at you from all sides. Never let them see you sweat.



The longer it takes to correct a mistake, the longer it takes to gain balance and order. While compromise isn’t a defining trait, the desire to find a middle ground will have you working to patch things up with an old friend. The past has a way of haunting your dreams, so give up on a grudge that causes problems. Let go.



The game of life begs for the rules to be broken. Remember that there are often no do-overs in matters of the heart. Spice up a long-term relationship with some radical additions but don’t push too hard. In the end, it may be you who ends up feeling the pressure of extreme measures. Pain can be fun, but keep the limits in check.

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