Gay man found dead in car in South Salt Lake Easter Sunday

A gay South Jordan man was found shot to death in his car Easter Sunday in South Salt Lake. Police are seeking information from anyone who may have been in the area.

Matthew Holt, 46, was found dead with a gunshot wound in his black Mazda at about 3200 South and 9th West, according to a statement by South Salt Lake Police. Police believe he was shot between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. They were called to the area at 2:45 p.m. Police said his gunshot wound did not appear to be self inflicted.

James Madison Park, on the Jordan River at about 3300 South and 1200 West, has long been a place where men seek sexual liaisons.

While police don’t know why Holt was in the area, or are saying if he was indeed at James Madison Park, friends say it is possible Holt was there cruising.

Police say Matthew Holt was found in his black Mazda, similar to this one, in South Salt Lake on Easter Sunday
Friends also say he was a funny and caring person.

Holt worked at Wax Me Too Salon.

“Last night Wax Me Too lost our most special person. We are all devastated and in shock at the loss of Matt Holt,” a staffer wrote on the business’ Facebook page. “He was our friend, our confident, our jokester, … he was our family. This emptiness will never be filled, we miss you, Matt. We miss you.”

“Matt Holt was such a kind, gentle man. I can’t even comprehend this. Matt was truly loved by everyone he met, and genuinely interested in people and how he could help them,” Amy Birkner wrote on his Facebook wall.

South Salt Lake police request anyone with information call their dispatch at 801-840-4000. All calls and callers are considered confidential and callers can remain anonymous.

Update: Matt’s obituary is here.

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